I set great score by the accuracy of the material presented in my Blog. A single source of information is not enough.
The level set is that of a Jury; Does the material meet the standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". Because the material is so far beyond what a person is exposed to the standard is higher. You can perform the checks & balances yourself. I hope you will as your life and the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance.
We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



 Simply Hidden Intel Technology

How many times have you ignored the humble Turd, sitting on our Sidewalk we feel disgust or curse the thoughtless Dog Owner that failed to clean up the item? We avoid these noxious items and learn the hard way if we do not.

Now the PTB have produced the ultimate in resonance / Data Mining Devices or (Simply Hidden Intel Technology) .

Insiders forwarded the plans to me and I have decided to risk publishing. Ingenious and heinous is all I can say.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Throw them all out!! VOTE FOR NEITHER

Its all very good to explore the long series of crimes against Humanity over the past 100 years, the False Flags and the Wars that followed them so many of us are awake to the objectives of the Government behind the Government.

911 were so blatant it must make the instigators laugh, the promises of Obama, the criminal actions of the Corporate powers, the Banks. The Black Boxes used to bend Votes, the theft of the next Generations chance of a better life. Not Slavery under the eyes of Drones, NSA snooping, the Patriot Act. Stalin or Hitler would never be so blatant.

What can you do before the Fascist Boot comes down on our neck, its not if its when. I have a suggestion on your last available choice / chance to stop the rot.

Our Elected official are Public Servants and they are there to protect our freedoms and enforce the Law not put their Snouts in the Trough, the majority, 99.99% are corrupted or have no intention of fulfilling the role and exercise the integrity we expect.

In America its Democrat V Republican, in Britain Labor or Conservative, Australia Canada all the so called Democracies  are choices between two identical sides of the same coin. The only thing they care about is getting back in that office and the perks  / backhanders/.

I suggest we toss them all out, any incumbent Politico, any one who runs for office under the color of the “Party” should be not elected, throw them all out when you get to the Ballot Box  VOTE FOR NEITHER.

Vote for the third candidate whoever you like but not the incumbent and not the Party stooges.

By exercising your Vote  instead of giving it to the Red Party or the Blue Party do not Vote for either. This action is the only way I can see that change of any meaning can be achieved. A complete sweep and start over.

If you do not do this now then its probable the next time may not come at all. To believe that Romney or Obama, Gillard or Abbot makes a whit of difference then you live in a dream. Wake the F Up


Remember, those who crave power are last who should receive it…………

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Way Out Of The Financial Disaster Ahead…or at least mitigating its effects.

A Way Out Of The Financial Disaster Ahead…or at least mitigating its effects.

With debt now measured in Quadrillions, a system so rotten with Fraud and the measures being taken to ‘Fix it” are making things worse its time to see what might be available to the residents of Planet Earth to avoid both Financial & Environmental disaster.

When its boiled down every consumer item on Earth, all the food grown, the Mines dug etc all have one primary center, that is the need to use Energy, its Oil at the beginning, middle and end. The cost of everything has the price of the Black Goop at the core.

What if the World was able to get free energy, Zero Point or even Cold Fusion, thanks to the work of Tesla a Century ago and that of many who have followed. Developed systems utilizing Zero Point or “Vacuum Energy ‘ exist. Most people who still have a functioning Brain will remember or have heard of Inventors being bought out and the Patents “Shelved”. Others have come home to find their Garage emptied and some have been “Suicided”.

Threats, force and suppression have kept the world from changing over to free Energy for probably 50 years now, Technology is in two streams, the toys and minor improvements to the existing products have been let out.

Meanwhile for the past 50 years a parallel development of technology involving ZPE, Anti Gravity (Gravity Repulsion) and others, have with the aid of $Trillions funneled into the Military Industrial Complex are buried in Underground Complex’s, or applied to new Weapons.

If the truth could be brought out then the products and advancements available would be the equivalent of the Industrial Age. The Desalination of water, cars running on Electricity generated, and a million other applications could turn the World around in a Decade. The Technology exists; the madness of greed has kept them and the Scientists hidden. The Internal Combustion Engine is 19th Century 1890 since the Diesel Engine was invented.

Consider the use of free energy and Robotics combined with a purge of the corruption in the system. It’s up to the average person to stop voting for bent Politicians, the 2 Party System is the greatest Political fraud yet. There is one party with two faces. When you Vote try the third Party or Independent. Whatever you do ; getting the Pigs from the Troth and freeing Science from “Top Secret”. The Military Black Projects & the Banks have no consideration for the next Generation and none for you. Get some gumption; if you are intending to vote for a Republican or a Democrat don’t bother to turn up. That is a wasted vote.

Remember Obama and the promises he made? Do you really think that Romney will be any different? As stated the tools we need to turn this cess pit of corruption & suppression of Technology, existing technology will continue till you have to watch your children starve and any real Education is unavailable. Serfdom is where we are going, the remaining Democratic process is still a tool that could be used to Bloodlessly turn our society around.

Its little wonder that these ‘Elites’ have nothing but contempt of you, the Law and the Legislative Branch they own many, intimidate some, and lie to all. You might want to remember the actions of Obama and his promises are they not a Fraud in themselves?

All that’s required is to use the Brain you were born with and toss the incumbents out…ALL OF THEM.

I would prefer Joe the Plumber, he at least can run a business and probably is honest. The Bums we have now are not.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top Secret Photo of new Financial Fraud Weapon

It must be slowly dawning on the Mr Average  that the Banks are Crooks.

Rate Rigging, Money Laundering, Non Existent Assets, Miss-use of segregated client funds.

Use of Allocated Gold & Silver to suppress / manipulate market.

If you have not taken your money out by now then you have yourself to blame; you are enabling them to Steal from you...Get some Gumption and hit them in the only way they understand..


Saturday, July 7, 2012



                The so-called ‘Financial Crisis’ has been engulfing the Western World over the years since the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2007 through 2008. Lehman’s was only a brick in a wall of theft and Fraud, corruption and Media backed lies fed to an ever more dulled down population.


The story of the Global Theft began a long time ago, and has progressed in a series of Wars and Financial Bubbles that continued today, the Barclays Bank manipulation of LIBOR (London Inter Bank  Overnight Lending. ) The Trillions that moved through this system were being ‘Skimmed’ the Banks involved at present we are told is just a few bad eggs in the building. The smiling Bob Diamond and his cronies have to resign.

If you or I committed a crime of Fraud, we would (if caught) go to Jail or be fined personally. Barclays is an 60% Publicly Owned Bank, the British Taxpayer get to foot the bill in large. Bob and his mates walk away as have every other major scamster in the top of the Banking / Government complex. The Murdock Press & News teams have already displayed their Ethical Credentials. Again only the lower bits of the Pyramid will ever see the inside of a Cell. The magnitude of the Financial Fraud Industry overwhelms a fully bought of Government sector.

Everyone has dirt on everyone, meanwhile people in countries like Greece are starving, on the other side of the Planet due East “Arab Springs” have “liberated millions”.

Egypt a proud example the people actually believed that they had rid themselves of Dictatorship only to find a Military Junta with all the power and a President figurehead.

No One wins this game, its been a primary delusion of the average person watching these meetings and subsequent multi Billion Bailouts that the primary pushers of the save the Economy by printing more Money actually believe that increasing debt and impoverishing people is helping the problem.


The instigators of QE or Operation Twist know perfectly well that the actions they are taking will simply make the problem worse; just as the idea of raising Taxes will help get an Economy “Kick Started”. Its well understood that higher Tax leads to less Business and less spending hence less Tax is actually collected in total at higher rates than at lower rates. Fact.

Propping up Banks with more Debt by Digitally Printing Money will eventually lead to a collapse of the system. The entire FIAT Money system has only been around since Nixon took the US of the Gold Standard in 1971, from then on the world has seen a series of bubbles, IT Bubbles, Property Bubbles, now the last great bubble is the Bond Bubble,

The average worker in the West has seen their Pay Pack degenerate by about 80% since their Parents or Grandparents. In the 60’s one person could feed and keep an average family. Now it takes 2 and then usually involved Debt. Students run up massive debts and face Jail if they do not pay them. Debtors Prisons are back, Prisons are a thriving Industry. As is the Military.

What the %$#@ has happened? We got suckered, after the world accepted the 911 story and the Bush family followed by the great promise of Obama the Civil Rights and Constitutional rights in so many countries have now been eviscerated.

Our Phone calls are monitored, as is E Mail as with all forms of communication except what you might whisper into a trusted Ear. The early stages of Nazi Germany were very similar, by the time the average person realized what was happening; its too late.

Now the World is headed to a Financial Collapse where the Paper instruments of exchange are worthless. I believe this will happen overnight. One Friday afternoon the clock hits Midnight and it all stops. ATM’s will not dispense, shops will be unable to transact and the streets will be patrolled by Soldiers for our own protection.

First steps to the final Act  are done, before the FIAT money dies we will probably see a Multi Country Multi Trillion Bailout across Japan, Europe and the USA. They will describe it as a program to boost GDP and provide millions of jobs. It won’t work.

A few months from this day the doors will shut, you will be a Debt Slave, just as angry as the millions in Egypt or Libya all of us finally united by our common failure to break “Cognitive Dissonance” the inability to accept a reality as it is to frightening or alien to be believed. TPTB counted on it, they doped people up with TV Trivia and ever more Brain numbing Schooling with added doses of Drugs from our caring friends in the Pharmaceutics Industry.

I present only a small amount of the story above, credit where credit is due; these 1% OF 1% HAVE DONE A JOB ON A global scale, at the end of the game they own everything. 1.4 Quadrillion of Derivatives circling around growing ever larger with Sovereign Debt and Bank Debt and Personal Debt. Every Politico in  the hands of Lobbyists. The merger of Corporate and Government power is Fascism.

As the swarm of ever more worthless money increases as it circles through the Planets Banks / Economies it eventually cannot be propped up any further, the sheer mind boggling amount of Debt requires only one Black Swan, one  unanticipated event; like in Quantum Systems, prediction becomes impossible and Kayos Theory takes hold.

Its over, we are left in ruins, hopefully not like Europe after WW 2; this is the Ultimate Neutron Bomb. Everything left standing but nothing is moving.

Your only chance of protecting yourself is to prepare now, time is short, TPTB are sure as Hell protecting themselves, they know what’s coming and if you care to take a few hours to research what I have written; then you might start preparing yourself.

I thank Creation I have no Family, if I had Children my every effort would be to protect them, no UFO’s will be helping, no Second Coming. You were created with Free Will and a Mind the primary Targets of the Criminals that are now fully in control. They sit out of sight and they are small in number, they have started many Wars and perhaps in their Psychopathic minds they will have one more?

The only thing that has slowed the process has been the Internet and the people that have used it. Mostly Cognitive Dissonance comes to play and you pass with a click. Relegating the voices of sanity to Hysterics in Tin Foil Hats.

The things that will retain there value are what you need, things you use, Gold, Silver, if you can touch it its yours, if its in their ”Trust” of a Bank, have a look at Barclays, look at smiling Bob, see how far this fraud has its Tentacles. See how many Jail Sentences are given out. Its an excellent test of who is really in control,

Do you think Dick Fauld from Lehman’s is working at Burger K ? Not a chance, the investors got burnt just as the MF Global SEGREGATED Accounts were raided by John Corsi. Theft, Fraud, and Blackmail I would guess the third item is also an essential ingredient to controlling Politicos who get ‘’uppity’ you might get Elected if your Honest but you will never stay that way. Take the money and shut your mouth. The real Rulers have an Agenda and wont see it spoiled by trivia such as promises made.

It makes no difference if the Red or the Blue the Liberal or the Conservative, they arrive bought paid for and equipped with all the necessary instructions. Batteries not included the real Rulers have the Power Cord.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Just A Date...Beware of Self Fulfilling Prphecy

 The Most Accurate & Consistent UFO Contact:

Billy Meier  a one armed Swiss Farmer who has had 40 years of contact.
If you wish to understand the true meaning of 2012 go to his site   http://www.theyfly.com/
" The powerful only exercise their power, live after their desires and crazy ideas, on which they satisfy themselves, and indeed it's all the same whether, thereby, millions of humans lose their worldly possessions or even their lives.
The great mass of all peoples is unfortunately, however, stupid and of only meager intelligence because they would rather pray religiously, full of devotion, fanatically and full of expectation to their imaginary gods, who can, however, bring them no help, because these do not even exist.
The great mass of humans of the Earth will simply not comprehend, that there is no God-the-father, no heavenly gods, no angels and no saints who determine and decide over the well being and sorrows, as well as over the being and not-being, of the individual and the entire humanity.
It will not be grasped, that it is the human himself as an individual and as the entire humanity, who determines and brings about his fate in every iota and that subsequently only he, entirely alone, can, and must, bring himself every necessary help."
Fukishima Update & Mini Nukes

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

IMHO...  Global power elites are not immune to Denial / Cognitive Dissonance / they think back to the past when they started World Wars, Crashed Markets, each time learning more from previous errors.
The observer thinks (who can still think) 'This is Madness, Greek  People will never accept the destruction of their Sovereignty, Riots, Etc. More Debt to fix

Debt, The PTB are playing for time, this is the only reason, they do not care about the Derivatives, they know that debt in Trillions and Quadrillions will Default, no other possibility hence the only logic is the 'Play For Time...Can Kicking.

In the limited time left before an expected or unexpected event should bring down the House TPTB have almost completed what they failed to achieve before. 

The Worlds strongest countries / their people have lost all the hard won freedoms that millions sacrificed themselves to keep. Defeating Hitler, The US Constitution sterilized, Drones to peer down, Cameras, interception of all communication, essentially the imposition of Fascist Governments across the Planet.

Not a Shot Fired, they care not about a few Billion forced to Poverty, to
desperation when the Soldier holds a bowl of Rice and you Salute and go back to your allocated place in the Factory,or the Detention ? Refugee Camp.

For Decades we had the fear of Nuclear War, on several occasions this
Extinction Event nearly happened, a hairs breath from Launch. Yet we accepted this insanity, TPTB accepted it and now we wonder if they would be Mad enough to attack Iran?

So a play for time while the last Bars are placed in the Prison Windows, when this exponential Currency creation destabilizes to Infinity TPTB will retreat to their guarded compounds and as JP Morgan kicked off the Depression by crashing Wall Street they will pull the plug.

What concerns them is the possibility that the Chaos will occur before they can finish the job. The Plans are possibly Centuries in the making. TPTB do not want a bunch of stubborn Greeks messing it up, in their arrogance they forget that the "Dumbed Down / Television / Drugged up Populations act out irrationally and Chaos beyond any external control occurs. 

Angry Hungry Ignorant. 7 Billion potential Hangmen storm the gates as their Ancestors leaped Trenches to be cut down by Machine Guns.

...Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

David Gray

Saturday, January 14, 2012


DAVIDS 2012 FORECAST (In Editing / First Draft)

1)    May will the month of QE3 though it will not be called “QE” printing with no end. Actions of Global Elite are starting to be seen as Treason, the process of the Western Population Wake Up as Alarms start ringing.

2)    Europe Bond Market: PIGS fail to sell Bonds and ECB starts Printing Inflation is the Must Have Economic condition Italion Bond Auction fails. Dividend paying Stocks and Miners of precious Metals sought after as alternative to rubbish Treasuries.

3)    Somalia, Syria Governments overthrown by Western Elements

4)    Oil Price $150 or more result of Middle East instability (Probable “incident” in Straits of Hormus) This helps keep US Dollar from collapse.

5)    Presidential Elections  50% chance of not occurring Result irrelevant if Election occurs. Low Voter turnout as faith lost.

6)    Wild Weather and other Earthquake, Volcano Sun Spot related crop failures

7)    Europe & USA experience Riots as austerity turns to despair and hunger DAA enabled by Obama on New Years Eave in expectation of use of Military as domestic Police

8)    War With Iran: Israeli pressure and the need to force purchase of US Dollars to buy Oil at prices in the $150 to $200 . Gas prices exceed $5 a Gallon

9)    2012 Philosophy becomes self fulfilling, Spiritual awakening parallels poverty of Body and daily grind to survive..

10) Preservation of wealth new priority as Markets loose trust of Investors, MF Global first of many structural breakdowns

11)  China growth grinds to a halt, Australian Economy goes into recession Housing Crash threatens Aussie Banks.

12) Cyber Warfare and Internet restrictions / attacks new Colds War

13) People loose what little remaining faith in Government they had, thinking spills into other markets Silver and Gold double as Stocks crash in mid year to Autumn (And to October)

14)  Earth Changes increase possibility of CME / Magnetic Pulse from Sunspots crashes Electronic systems. EMP Weapons used in conflicts.

15)  Barter and other means to avoid middlemen and Government / Black Markets thrive. Security companies do well as rich fear Riots of young armed Unemployed very angry people directed toward anyone or anything better off.    

16) People are saying, ‘Someone is not telling me the truth and so I better take matters into my own hands and look out for myself because my government isn’t.’  That’s true throughout the Western world. ” McEwen ,

17) America is effectively a Fascist Global Super state this is recognized by a majority of the population Europe slides into kayos Austerity equals Poverty, Hunger equals Civil Unrest / Violence as rich retreat to Bunker chaos as states Default & Defect.. Germany rules Europe Britain

18) War in the Elite, as the split between the Psychopaths and those who still have conscience . Some elite Military / Black Unit start Assassinations of their own. Offers of Amnesty made by group behind Trillion Dollar Lawsuit now in Process. Actions taken under EU Criminal Courts against Bond Vigilantes. The End Game Begins late 2012.

19) Surveillance State Economic collapse Nazi Forth Reich vies for power and control of Alien Tech / Suppressed Technology.

20) Tensions with China grow to Red Line. Doomsday Clock at 2 Mins to Midnight.

China's demand for Australian resources has always been a direct product of the global credit boom. Now that the boom is over, Australian Economy goes into Black Swan Dive
FEMA Camps used to imprison Rioters and Dissenters by agents drawn from Military and now part of 4th Reich Zero Tolerance. The Bankers War. Like Neutron Bombs leaves buildings standing and people dead.

Paper Monetary Instruments become worthless.

Shortages of Strategic Metals encourages more “Freedom / Overthrow of African Governments as part. Nationalization of Mines.

Banks Collapse   ‘bank Holiday “ declared.

With the use of suppressed Technology in local and Global warfare it becomes obvious to even those in the denial; a split already inside the Military widens to a possible Putsch by Patriot  / persons of conscience. (POC) the loss of the Republic demands the Oath they took is acted upon. demand? It should fall, that's what should happen. And that would mean 

Australia has already over-invested in resource production Mr. Neuwirth, who wisely abbreviated the phrase to "System D," estimates the size of the off-book global economy to be roughly $10 trillion annually, although he stresses that this calculation is "very rough and almost certainly on the low side."