I set great score by the accuracy of the material presented in my Blog. A single source of information is not enough.
The level set is that of a Jury; Does the material meet the standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". Because the material is so far beyond what a person is exposed to the standard is higher. You can perform the checks & balances yourself. I hope you will as your life and the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance.
We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Economic Collapse | We are still in the middle of the beginning of the END

The present situation with the looming Retirement for millions of Baby Boomers the more you know about the business of Government and deficits; the better. There is a lot of information floating around and it disturbs me that Retirement Funds are the last big pile of money sitting around with a Government that is almost ‘salivating’ to get their greedy mitts on it.

The world seems to be unknown to our regular media. Americans & Australians are very insulated, time is well spent reading and thinking, Many people would find it to be a frightening experience when reality breaks through the fog of Media, disinformation, or Propaganda to call it what it is.

For young people going to University is from my observations a waste of money; unless you are involved in ‘Hard Science’ Geologist for instance, or Engineering etc. An Arts Degree is a total waste of time and money. A job at minimum wage is going to be hard to find in Australia soon as we will feel the pain the rest of Western society is experiencing. Spain with 40% youth unemployment, USA with 18% to 22% higher as age is lower jobs are fewer.

For many a trade would probably have been a far better direction, Builder, Plumber, the best suggestion I have is to get into Security work. The TSA is always looking for a few good Goons, thugs are always needed, so are people to defend the wealth of the small percentage of people left who have real money, about 5% of the population own 80% of the wealth. If you have a 401K you should consider borrowing from it to invest it more profitably and away from Govt thieves. See a Financial advisor who likes Gold as an Investment.

America has a real Unemployment rate of 22% after all the Government fudging is removed, 30% are receiving Welfare of some kind. The Bill of Rights is now a historical artifact. The “Patriot” Act is about to be renewed again and as with Europe & Britain the USA is becoming a Fascist / Corporate State. The TSA will be the new SS enforcing the NOW.

Gold is worth about $1500 US; it has doubled in value over the past 3 years, since 2008 the value of Gold has gone from about $900 to $1500, Silver from $13 to $35. Paper Money is losing value at around 7% at least and very high Inflation is coming hence preserving what you have is on its own a difficult proposition, a Government Bond is a loosing option and the Stock market is not for anyone who isn’t on the inside.

The chances of your 401K being “restricted” or even stolen through Government action, reduced by high inflation by 15 or even 30% is very possible. I would give odds of one in three that the entire Banking System or the US $ collapses is optimistic. The Government / Reserve Bank is trying very hard to depreciate the US $ to the status of rubbish.

Multi Trillion Dollar debts and QE 1,2 and 3 have already managed to push the price of consumer goods up and you can bet on Gas prices of $6 to $8…$12 a Gallon.

The Financial Crisis is far from over and that pulling every bit of cash you get as soon as possible out of worthless low interest , Government Risk etc accounts and get together with a Financial Planner who is of similar mindset to what I have been harping on about now you should be able to Retire in relative security. The World is not ending but the American Middle Class is an endangered species, all of the Worlds Western Governments are corrupt and the Financial Markets are riddled with Fraud.

It seems even Mr. Obama may have overstepped the Gullibility line with the Birth Certificate, I could have knocked up a better job, in the next weeks the country could face a Constitutional Crisis where all the branches of Government may ‘seize up’. Presenting that document is an Impeachable Offence; every action of his presidency (including Supreme Court appointments will be void. I have it on good information that when Obama was briefed upon taking on the presidency he put his head in his hands and said ”I’m a Scapegoat” I believe he did not even know of his real Birth himself believing it was in Hawaii and now is the victim of Blackmail.

When I started looking into the world of finance I did not expect it to be as full of conspiracy, secret society’s, corruption etc as to make the UFO and 911 conspiracy theories seem tame in comparison. I had great difficulty in coming to the conclusions I have and would not lightly write what I have in this Blog

Try to maintain a strong, unshakable faith in God, not the Anglican version but the one that defies Human comprehension. “That which there is none greater” Whatever brought you to seek truth was for a reason that now is beyond simple curiosity. The years ahead will change history in radical directions, WW1 & 2 were a prelude to what is coming to conclusion, intrigue, conspiracy, technology are all moving Humanity towards a “Singularity” a conclusion to a multi thousand year story of events.

I believe the disruptions and even disasters have all been to create some balance whereby we can decide if we are to be of Service To Self (STS) or Service To Others (STO) ascension or evolution to Humanities next step in Evolution is to decided, now in a time when the actions you take are going to have life changing results.

The material I have gathered, the sources are usually from very conservative people with strong faith, long records of being ahead of the crowd, and are also appalled at what has become of the American ‘experiment’ in the right of people to self-determination.

The Founding Fathers would not submit to a TSA worker sticking his hands down a six year olds pants and then forcing people through Body Scanners, or starting Wars based on lies, or to bring down buildings killing thousands and for those same people to create a gigantic Global Ponzi Scheme designed to destroy economies and take through trickery what they failed to take through WW1 & II.

The invention of Paper Money backed by nothing was started in Breton Woods Accords after WW2 and in 1971 Nixon removed the last impediment to the creation of eternal Credit never in 3000 years of history has Currency had no backing by a “Counter Party” or Gold / Silver. Hence we now have a “Quadrillion Dollar Global Debt. It is also why I know Gold & Silver will be the only safe haven.

The party is over, family’s who can come together as a self supporting group will survive the next few years, people who go along with the flow, watching their Sport and Eye Witness News are Meat for the Grinder.

20 Questions To Ask Anyone Foolish Enough To Believe The Economic Crisis Is Over

Friday, May 27, 2011

T SA SS Texans stand up resistance is not futile

So the Channel 11 Sports Broadcaster I remember is a Texas Senator, Dan Patrick had all the Votes needed to legislate, that putting your hands down a kids pants is a problem. I think it must be something to look forward to, a free feel up when you go through the Radiation full body scan.

Its apparent that molesting anyone by the methods used by the TSA would get any other person in jail even a Police Officer does not have the power to do that. The TSA is going to become the equivalent of Hitlers SA the original Brown Shirts that gave birth to the SS.

Lets get it clear in my mind, not having a uniformed goon put there hands down your pants (they even got to feel up Miss America on the inside of her panties)......heck some people would pay to have that job like that and I am sure it attracts the highest quality of applicants.....

Your Holiday will have that extra spice this year when going through the Airport.

T SA SS If this Legislation went through Texas would have been "Blockaded" by Air. Soon the Railways & Schools. Malls etc will all have people feeling extra safe from Tea Towel Headed Terrorists that are behind every Bush....Obama is protecting everyone and I am sure he would love having his kids getting the royal TSA treatment where they change the gloves.

Just the fact that its necessary to have a Law written to stop this when its already illegal, I know what would happen to me if I attempted to make people safe like that.

Good for you Texas. At least your trying and people went down to the Parliament and demonstrated their support of Patrick's Bill.

TSA the new Homeland Security Enforcement Arm.Time to just drop the T and call it what it is, give em Black suits and Batons & Guns and we will all feel safe, safe, or SS for short


Surveillance under the business-records provisions has recently spiked. The Justice Department’s official disclosure on its use of the Patriot Act, delivered to Congress in April, reported that the government asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for approval to collect business records 96 times in 2010 — up from just 21 requests the year before. The court didn’t reject a single request. But it “modified” those requests 43 times, indicating to some
Patriot-watchers that a broadening of the provision is underway.

“The FISA Court is a pretty permissive body, so that suggests something novel or particularly aggressive, not just in volume, but in the nature of the request,” says Michelle Richardson, the ACLU’s resident Patriot Act lobbyist. “No one has tipped their hand on this in the slightest. But we’ve come to the conclusion that this is some kind of bulk collection. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if it’s some kind of internet or communication-records dragnet.” (Full disclosure: My fiancĂ©e works for the ACLU.)

The FBI deferred comment on any secret interpretation of the Patriot Act to the Justice Department. The Justice Department said it wouldn’t have any comment beyond a bit of March congressional testimony from its top national security official, Todd Hinnen, who presented the type of material collected as far more individualized and specific: “driver’s license records, hotel records, car-rental records, apartment-leasing records, credit card records, and the like.”

But that’s not what Udall sees. He warned in a Tuesday statement about the government’s “unfettered” access to bulk citizen data, like “a cellphone company’s phone records.” In a Senate floor speech on Tuesday, Udall urged Congress to restrict the Patriot Act’s business-records seizures to “terrorism investigations” — something the ostensible counterterrorism measure has never required in its nearly 10-year existence.

Indeed, Hinnen allowed himself an out in his March testimony, saying that the business-record provision “also” enabled “important and highly sensitive intelligence-collection operations” to take place. Wheeler speculates those operations include “using geolocation data from cellphones to collect information on the whereabouts of Americans” — something our sister blog Threat Level has reported on extensively.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NWO in an Image

My Little Poem

Im looking for the asshole;
Who done took my Factory
They shipped it all to China
Along with my famillliy

I just want some Lug Nuts
To tighten on the Line
And gets me a $30 hour
Plus benfits sooo fine

If I comes acroposs
Them new world boys
Iz got sometin top te say

With my M16
Ill tap em
On the forehead
With some DU for a change

They may understand my feelins
My footy game is on
Ill drink my floradeted water
Cause I
I know it makes me strong

Git the old wife on the diet coke
She swellin up an breathin hard
But loves this cunte ry of usa
A patriot so fine

We hangs the flag
On 911
I watch them buildins fall
They dropped
Done clean as could be asked
From turbin headed fools

Lucky we got a President
As great as Bush the fightin man
A president so long
Standin on the deck
That sunny day
Victory is ours!!!

How bout we pull up Osama bin
And put his head up on the Dollar bill
All full of holes an blood
What we need is coloured money
To make the dollar light my way




All of us “Conspiracy’ theorists have smelt a lot of dirty Rats emanating from the USA ‘s ‘ killing ‘ of OBL. He has been dead for some 8 years of Kidney disease. Hence why now? Any Political points for the President are going to be faded away by next year so why now?

One answer is in the evidence we can see and the view of Pakistan as a loyal ally in the bu**it war of Terror is now turning to the creation of yet another axis in the Terror supporting countries, another War like Iraq is out of the financial / Political question another Afghanistan or an other Libya quagmire as irts turning into is not a great outcome.

The Police State network is being rolled out in the USA among others. The public is now going to have Uncle Sam in the re pockets grinding the middle class to poverty. The great “We will protect you from …..(Insert here) hands down the pants and X – Rays at Train and Bus Terminals, Malls etc. Terrorists in every corner.

Americans are half asleep, the other half are deeply suspicious and it might be the idea to kill a few birds with one stone.

Pentagon Lawn After "Jet: Hits It..???

Gravel Over Lawn ...Why? No Jet Fuel? No Debris, No Video, No Bodies, Believe it?

First create the Pakistan / Muslim / Atomic armed threat, a Suitcase Nuke is detonated (or Dirty Bomb ) in an American city or a container on a Pakistan Registered ship explodes. Simultaneously in true El Quida style another Nuke is set of in a major Indian City killing millions. A carnage or proportions I find hard to contemplate yet it achieves a few very helpful (from the NOW standpoint) effects, India retaliates against Pakistan and the 200 Warheads they, India, have in stock, many on Missile delivery systems take out Pakistan’s identified (by the CIA / NSA Satellites) no retaliation from the smoking ruins and the monsoon winds blow the fallout up toward China and other neighbors.

Back in the USA a frightened population submits to the surrender of the remaining Civil Rights hoping for protection from the evil Terrorist Boogey Men who have supposedly more of these Nukes spread around the country. Out with the Water boards its Surfing USA. Britain and the EU also institute Medieval suppression of the population, cameras, voice, face scan,. The Internet is closed to all but “Approved Commercial Traffic” as with any other communication like Mobile Phones these become two way devices tracking all the pre identified ‘threats to National Security.

The Gloves are off Obama mouthpieces for his handlers, no one will defy the Republic, the Reichstag is burning and Terrorists / suspected… rounded up, their own Mobile phones leading the squads to pluck them. Any resistance is met with magnified force and weapon confiscated. The owner / holder is shot or interred pending Military Tribunal.

The above scenario is totally fiction of course, yet can anyone deny that its not well within the parameters of suspicion and the Par for the Course already set, whoever took out the World Trade Centers 1,2 &3 turning them to dust killing thousand is not going top be perturbed at a few million more deaths especially if it allows the final solution of Martial Law and Global Take over to be achieved.

How the Russians and Chinese would react is another matter, they know as well as any one that Global Thermo Nuclear War is extinction for all. How do you respond to the above? Let fly and go back to the Stone Age?

Not being a charter member of the Global Elite I have no idea of the overall plan, Chaos is certainly a big part of it, fear another added with the installation of more “Security” for our own protection.

God and our own awareness is all that will save us, make people who sell propaganda know you want nothing to do with their agenda.

WRITE (USE A stamp preferably) to your Politico and tell them its OUT OF OFFICE FOR ALL.

We the people still have some vestige of power left to us, the 2 Party system has robbed us (Or we gave it away) of any real choice. HOWEVER most Elections are carried by a small percentage of people . The Swinging Voter” people who will change their vote or even vote for an Independent 5rd Party Candidate.

Write to your Local Member / Congressman and tell them in clear words that if they sit on their arse and let sh&# slide by, if you do not hear from them they will not get your Vote, nor will the other Red / Blue alternative. You will vote for the Independent, the Third Party whomever. They will be OUT.

Several Countries Governments are on very slim margins; a Government can fall on 50 Votes. Unless your using a Hacked Machine, even then they are rigged for one or the other not for random, rebellious Voters who have heard so much trash and cowardly kiss ass behavior serving Political Machines that see us as gullible fools who have certainly acted the part.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OBL is Dead, "has been" for a long time ?

So the evil bad guy is dead, amazing assault on compound and burial at sea.

Interesting the past weeks action.

The so called Birth Certificate is released, a scrappy job i I must say. If the CIA or other alphabet agencies wanted to cook up a "Genuine certificate I am certain they could. Why wait all this time and why produce a document that raises more questions than it answers?

The Ben Bernanki show is also a first, a Fed Chief having a Press Conference is unheard of. It did no good the US $ is dropping down a greasy sloap.

When you see the Euro in similar shape, Oil at $150 or more its time to head for the hills.

Meanwhile the "Peace Keepers of the "No Fly Zone" have lobbed a Missile into Qaddafi Sons home killing his Son and 23 Grandchildren. The War in Libya will be a long protracted affair, the rabble of Western Backed Rebels will meet heavy resistance. If you take a moment to look at what sort of country Libya has become then you should be surprised. Its a very well cared for population and Qaddafi will have a lot of support.

The Missile strike was a War Crime. Even Bin Laden denied responsibility for 911. Why would he do that.

What my worst fears tell me is we are being Sheep-led into a state of readiness where the NWO can commit a major atrocity and blame it on Al Kaida, as the Zombies shout USA, USA!! the Bilderburg group will be meeting in June to plot their end run to 2012.

Inflation from Oil Prices and Fed printing is hurting big the littlest people. While Trillions are moved around the Board Game people will find the Food Stamp buys less and less as the Police State squeezes the last drops of Liberty from the last great experiment in Human Liberty and expression.

Choices you make now are of more importance than you could realize, if you take this as an opportunity to paint any dissenting voice as "Conspiracy Nut" and cheer the death of innocents as collateral damage then not only will your Wallet be poor but your Spirit will also be lost to them.

In these times the choice of Service to Self or Service to Others is your last and most important action. STS will allow victory to those who wish to Enslave, they live for power. Money they have, the ultimate power is yours to give or deny. Simple as that.

Prey whatever action they plan will fail and that the Veil will fall exposing the Slave Masters masquerading as slick suited, silver tongued liars as Obama has so clearly shown himself to be. The worst President in American History.