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Monday, February 21, 2011

EXPONENTIAL GROWTH The Mathmatics of our Society

Exponential growth:

OK, here is a question for you. No fair asking the resident math boffin. You have a bacteria that doubles every minute. You put him in test tube of bacterial food. The size of the test tube is such that in exactly one hour (60minutes) the bacteria will have eaten up all the food and the test tube will be full of bacteria.

Question. At what minute from 0 to 60 will the tube be half full of bacteria, half full of food. What would your average bacteria say about the prospects of his culture at that moment. How close are they to disaster (no more food).

at 59 minutes....
  ($14 TRILLION..Talking in Quadrillions now, what a few extra Zero's eh?)

I would submit that our society, specifically our Economy has been on an exponential curve, just as Computer speeds double every 2 years under Moores Law, our Leaders are producing Paper and Electronic Money in a simillar 'Doubling' the latest Obama Budget is the last straw to many people the World over who have their eyes open.

1.4 Trillion in extra Debt. Now the US Debt added is equal to102% of Income.

The USA are not the only ones in the race to destruction of the remaining value of a Euro, Yen, British Pound, even Yuan. The West is in the last phase of an experiment, Nixon took the US $ completely off the Gold Standard in 1977. Being the Worlds Reserve Currency made certain that everyone else follows suit.

Since 1977 the depreciation of your currency has been a form of Taxation, real Wages have remained in a flat line for 40 years almost. The best years of real quality of life were in the Post War Years. One person could support a family while the other balanced with Childcare etc. By 1980 all this was a fable, like "Leave it to Beaver" or Dick Van Dyke, we laugh at it now but for most people in Western Society's the years 1950 to 1975 approximately life was pretty good. In fact your Life Expectancy now is lower than then.

Antibiotics worked! Dozens of these "New" Diseases like ADHD,Parkinson's, MS, and many other Cancers / Nervous System related disease did not exist or were confined to a far smaller percentage. Between the Fluoride in your Water, the Mercury in Injections, the Barium & Aluminum Chem-trails and the Artificial Sweeteners all for our benefit.  In an Urban Society saturated with Electromagnetic Radiation. Is it any wonder we see so many people with exotic illness or struck with the ones that were rare, but now common.

If they knew so much about Fluoride in the late 1940's I would like to see the Scientific Papers that prove it. No proof at all now we know its Toxic along with all the other chemicals in the food chain.

Back to Exponetial numbers, when you see a graph going from a soft curve to an almost vertical spike you have Exponential function. The Time axis is short while the number axis is high. Like the Bugs in the Test Tube we do not see the consequences until the 59th Minute. Up to the 58th there was still 50% left.

The USDX / US$ would be far lower if other countries were not racing the Money Machines also. To get a close idea of the true value you can compare it to Gold. In 10 years its gone from 1/300 of an Ounce to 1/ 1400th of Value. A better indicator is to read a Newspaper from 1970 and compare the prices. In those days the curve was relatively flat, the Time Axis was longer between each doubling of the amount of Paper to Commodity.

                                      "IN GOLD COIN"

In 2011 the Elites continue their personal protection plans, they have cashed out Shares and Govt Bonds and have been increasingly converting them to Commodities or other Tangable assetts. The selling of Shares by Insiders has increased every month for the past 6 I have followwed. Sell 3000 Shares; Buy 1 Ratio.

They know the whole stucture could collapse and probably from a force outside of their control. If they can keep control we can expect a Coregraphed Event and your Bank will close for the next few days. Fridays are prefered , nifty memorable dates like 7/7, 9/11 or 10/11, or 8/8 they love Elevens. 11am on 11 Nov 1918. Why not 6AM and save a few thousand lives.

I expect the aim point is in 2012, I hope I have another year to keep preperations moving; I have Water Filtration, Stored Food, Tangable Investments. Paper Money should not be kept wasted in a Bank, its value is depreciating and you will probably loose it all.

LOOSE IT ALL...Have a look at the charts of Paper Money printing, Money without backing is an experiment, it occupies a 40 year slice of thousands of years. Since the Enlightenment  500 years ago we have never had a system based on IOU's no matter how fancy. The $2 Australian Coin is 98% Copper, Copper is $4.50 a Kilo. The 1966 .50 Cent coin is worth $12 at the moment, (Silver is still moving up /  $33 at moment)

A Kilo of Bannana's is $5 thanks to Queenslands Cyclones, as will a lot of other foods and everything else as the 50% 60% 100% increases in Global Commodities works down the system after its been through the Speculators and Retail Mark Up add the rising price of Oil $103 a Barrel thats Brent Crude. Ignor WTI figures they apply to a very small part of the US Market.

The CIA directed riots started over food, a Man earning $2 a day has to spend 40% to 60% of income on food the familly meal looks smaller, Pride and then the gwaring pain of hunger will push people, they become Pawns of Vultures who will point them into a Machine Gun.
                                    "Let them eat Lead"

The Riots are not freedom rally's. Eat first, Democracy later.

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