I set great score by the accuracy of the material presented in my Blog. A single source of information is not enough.
The level set is that of a Jury; Does the material meet the standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". Because the material is so far beyond what a person is exposed to the standard is higher. You can perform the checks & balances yourself. I hope you will as your life and the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance.
We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Top Secret Photo of new Financial Fraud Weapon

It must be slowly dawning on the Mr Average  that the Banks are Crooks.

Rate Rigging, Money Laundering, Non Existent Assets, Miss-use of segregated client funds.

Use of Allocated Gold & Silver to suppress / manipulate market.

If you have not taken your money out by now then you have yourself to blame; you are enabling them to Steal from you...Get some Gumption and hit them in the only way they understand..


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