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We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Encoragment For Wanderers , Star Seeds, Old Souls

Star Seeds, a new name to me, I understood the word ‘Wanderer’ was the word provided. I remember reading about such when on an Aircraft returning from 7 years in the USA.

Wanderers in our contract upon entry to the Earth Plane accepted that the Veil of Forgetting would apply, as it must in 3D Earth. The elevation to 4D of Planet Earth began in its energized state / sped up; was in 1985 to be complete in 2012.

The Wanderers make up about one in 80 people, about 60 Million at present, the duty being to assist as many 3D entities to ascend at this opportunity. The last event  / opening was 12,500 years ago and only a dozen made the transition, all of these entities elected to remain in 3D to assist until this next opportunity. Many referred to as “Saints” known to Christian /Judaic / Muslim Religions well known Teachers through history, or exceptional individuals with great influence in Theology and Science.

The seeming chaos and contradictions of this time are essential to the ascendancy process. Entities faced with these contradictions / challenges to their reality, their belief systems. Many will withdraw and may even react in anger, as it is fear manifested. Consider those who hold rigid Religious convictions that are challenged in ways that are logically undeniable?

This is as it should be, the move to the next Density is set as in stone for Earth and those of 3D cannot exist in a 4D plane of existence, they will transition to another 3D experience and remain behind the veil. As if nothing had happened.

The changes in the Earth will be reflected in the changes to the constructions of Humanity, the financial system is the Religion of many and they too will be faced with acceptance of a new reality or missing the opportunity to ascend with that of the Earth.

Wanderers are not always awakened, the stimulation provided to awaken are sometimes ineffective and this is a part of Free Will, of others and of the entity; ‘the best made plans’ as is said. These lost Wanderers are held in love by their ascended compatriots.

The Wanderer is often referred to as the Children of Sorrow, the volunteering to enter the Earth Plane and the Veil of Forgetting is a great opportunity for growth in Service To Others (STO); in this time it is of greatest value to all that Humanity is assisted to move upwards in love and with the least amount of inconvenience to the entities presently incarnated and those creatures / life forms from the Trees to the smallest Ant existing in lower Density upon Planet Earth.

The multitude of other Races from dozens of Star Systems are watching the events on Earth, each time an ascension of a Solar System and a Planet of Life Forces occurs it is rare and cherished, hence the many sightings in the sky and in many cases of contact between those of Service To Self with the exchange of Technology included, these beings are of a negative orientation.

Those who have joined with them in pursuit of power over other and personal ‘wealth’ will find that they have only become Slaves who are allowed to hold the Whip in their self-deception of personal power.

We can only feel compassion for these as the road to ascension through Service To Self if long and hard, eventually pointless as higher Density’s become unavailable. As a piece of matter being boosted to Light speed, in the end the Mass becomes so great it is impossible to achieve.

This ‘missive’ is for the Wanderers in particular as many of us are feeling greater physical, emotional and Spiritual stress, we are easily distressed at the bombardment of daily input and frustration at feeling like the Man in the Monkey cage, a poor comparison yet the meaning should be apparent.

The Contract we made sometimes seems unimaginable, to voluntarily enter this Veil of Tears; I can only say it is as in a Dream when you awaken (at the end of this lifespan) it will be apparent and the return to your family will be of a sweetness that will overwhelm even your greatest imagination of ecstasy.

In many Wanderer’s the use of Mind Altering substances is common, we desire a “sleep” yet as with awakening from a high level Dream we find ourselves in this 3rd Density apparent madness, having to go through another day of the noise in our Ears, the Toxins in the food & water, the sleeping ones who despite all that is put in front of them, they will not awaken and that is beyond our power.

Free Will applies to all, many of the 7 Billion Souls are here for the first time or are very young, how can we expect them to understand? It would be like asking a 5 year old to understand Quantum Mechanics.

When the time comes, it will not be a specific date, it is coming soon, very soon and your Clock is the measure of the chaos around you and this world, when all seems totally disconnected, the time of greatest confusion will be the moment of ascension.

I have not the wisdom, nor the prescience (Free Will is always paramount) to predict the Day & Time.

Hold fast in the light, you are not alone and you are privileged to be here now, it was after all your own decision.