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Thursday, January 6, 2011

HAARP Expererments a more probable cause of Climate Change

Reprinted from Earthpulse Flashpoints, Newtext Number Three.

U. S. military experiment named HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) The program consists of an array of Antenna's beaming High Frequency Radio Pulses into the Ionosphere 600 Miles above the Earths surface at increasingly more powerful levels.

The relationship of these experiments to how our weather is effected is unknown, the Military is often a 'set it off and see' type of operation. The fact , the only fact is our total ignorance of the effect of heating and Electrically charging the atmosphere in such a manner.

The stated aim is to develop methods of communicating with Submarines and some "Star Wars" related research. The experiments are conducted in the Arctic Circle as the Magnetic Field lines of the Earth are closest and strongest  near the Poles.

An artical was released a few days ago praising how Dubai had managed to create 56 Rain Storms in the dessert through another Ionizing technology. The modification of weather has been a dream for Centuries, rain in the Dessert, a good thing if that's all it does.

From my understanding of Science when you effect one part of a system then you have to effect another and these effects are unknown. The best Computer Modelling is not capable of predicting s&%T.

If you happen to live in Queensland suffering 2 x 100 year Floods or freezing in London then it might be of concern that these cutting edge programs might just cut you till you bleed, freeze or drown.

"The earth is delicately balanced, and seeks to restore balance when disturbed. No one really knows how ionospheric experiments will affect that balance, or what the earth will do in response to try to restore balance."

Apart from the US Governments facility; its very probable other countries are experimenting with similar systems and probably are not talking to each other. What if two systems hit the same spot unknown to each other?

All this stuff might be totally harmless, however the Military seem to think that use of Modulating Radio Frequency's has weapons potential. Just living near a Mobile Phone Tower is not a healthy thing, anyone within 1500 Meters can be effected.

"HAARP project manager John Hecksher told the committee that the ionospheric heater in Norway is comparable to HAARP: it has an antenna array very much like what HAARP will have. However, regarding HAARP's ability to create a narrow beam, Norway's instrument is two or three times less powerful than what HAARP will become."

(the Norway Spiral comes to mind??)

Why do Dentists leave the room when they use the X Ray? Radiation, not safe at any level. With Radiation we deal with Particles, in this case we deal with Waves, a little knowledge of Physics will tell you that Particles and Waves at Quantum levels are the same / interchangeable.

Climate Change is happening I do not deny that, its not because of a little C02; do a bit of research and you you find out that every Planet in the Solar System is having radical Climate Change. The Sun is the main power behind this and also the cyclical changes that the Solar System goes through as it travels around our Galaxy.

Here on Earth only 12,500 years ago Sea levels were substantially lower than now, 24,000 years ago the Aboriginals could walk to Australia. The water that is now covering there route is locked up in the Antarctic Ice. Drive down the Great Ocean Road (If you live in Australia and look at the Cliffs. They are not eroded away, they look like a Bathtub that suddenly dropped half its water.

We set off H Bombs, 2000 of them, the first Atom Bomb they wondered if it might set the Atmosphere alight? Fry the Planet? They chanced it. Exploding H Bombs in the upper Atmosphere is a great way to set of an EMP charge that if you are under it or 2 to 3 thousand Miles from it say good bye to every Electrical device you have. Back to the Stone Age in 60 Seconds.

Trillions are being spent on these Black Projects F#$@*cking with things they know very little about and though we need to advance, especially in the knowledge of Zero Point Energy it must be done in some open way before somebody accidental figures out how to release all the energy in a Match Box of Water and destroys the Planet. These are the Energy levels they are playing with.

The people doing it are not known for there Ethical Principals.

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