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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Throw them all out!! VOTE FOR NEITHER

Its all very good to explore the long series of crimes against Humanity over the past 100 years, the False Flags and the Wars that followed them so many of us are awake to the objectives of the Government behind the Government.

911 were so blatant it must make the instigators laugh, the promises of Obama, the criminal actions of the Corporate powers, the Banks. The Black Boxes used to bend Votes, the theft of the next Generations chance of a better life. Not Slavery under the eyes of Drones, NSA snooping, the Patriot Act. Stalin or Hitler would never be so blatant.

What can you do before the Fascist Boot comes down on our neck, its not if its when. I have a suggestion on your last available choice / chance to stop the rot.

Our Elected official are Public Servants and they are there to protect our freedoms and enforce the Law not put their Snouts in the Trough, the majority, 99.99% are corrupted or have no intention of fulfilling the role and exercise the integrity we expect.

In America its Democrat V Republican, in Britain Labor or Conservative, Australia Canada all the so called Democracies  are choices between two identical sides of the same coin. The only thing they care about is getting back in that office and the perks  / backhanders/.

I suggest we toss them all out, any incumbent Politico, any one who runs for office under the color of the “Party” should be not elected, throw them all out when you get to the Ballot Box  VOTE FOR NEITHER.

Vote for the third candidate whoever you like but not the incumbent and not the Party stooges.

By exercising your Vote  instead of giving it to the Red Party or the Blue Party do not Vote for either. This action is the only way I can see that change of any meaning can be achieved. A complete sweep and start over.

If you do not do this now then its probable the next time may not come at all. To believe that Romney or Obama, Gillard or Abbot makes a whit of difference then you live in a dream. Wake the F Up


Remember, those who crave power are last who should receive it…………

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