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Saturday, January 14, 2012


DAVIDS 2012 FORECAST (In Editing / First Draft)

1)    May will the month of QE3 though it will not be called “QE” printing with no end. Actions of Global Elite are starting to be seen as Treason, the process of the Western Population Wake Up as Alarms start ringing.

2)    Europe Bond Market: PIGS fail to sell Bonds and ECB starts Printing Inflation is the Must Have Economic condition Italion Bond Auction fails. Dividend paying Stocks and Miners of precious Metals sought after as alternative to rubbish Treasuries.

3)    Somalia, Syria Governments overthrown by Western Elements

4)    Oil Price $150 or more result of Middle East instability (Probable “incident” in Straits of Hormus) This helps keep US Dollar from collapse.

5)    Presidential Elections  50% chance of not occurring Result irrelevant if Election occurs. Low Voter turnout as faith lost.

6)    Wild Weather and other Earthquake, Volcano Sun Spot related crop failures

7)    Europe & USA experience Riots as austerity turns to despair and hunger DAA enabled by Obama on New Years Eave in expectation of use of Military as domestic Police

8)    War With Iran: Israeli pressure and the need to force purchase of US Dollars to buy Oil at prices in the $150 to $200 . Gas prices exceed $5 a Gallon

9)    2012 Philosophy becomes self fulfilling, Spiritual awakening parallels poverty of Body and daily grind to survive..

10) Preservation of wealth new priority as Markets loose trust of Investors, MF Global first of many structural breakdowns

11)  China growth grinds to a halt, Australian Economy goes into recession Housing Crash threatens Aussie Banks.

12) Cyber Warfare and Internet restrictions / attacks new Colds War

13) People loose what little remaining faith in Government they had, thinking spills into other markets Silver and Gold double as Stocks crash in mid year to Autumn (And to October)

14)  Earth Changes increase possibility of CME / Magnetic Pulse from Sunspots crashes Electronic systems. EMP Weapons used in conflicts.

15)  Barter and other means to avoid middlemen and Government / Black Markets thrive. Security companies do well as rich fear Riots of young armed Unemployed very angry people directed toward anyone or anything better off.    

16) People are saying, ‘Someone is not telling me the truth and so I better take matters into my own hands and look out for myself because my government isn’t.’  That’s true throughout the Western world. ” McEwen ,

17) America is effectively a Fascist Global Super state this is recognized by a majority of the population Europe slides into kayos Austerity equals Poverty, Hunger equals Civil Unrest / Violence as rich retreat to Bunker chaos as states Default & Defect.. Germany rules Europe Britain

18) War in the Elite, as the split between the Psychopaths and those who still have conscience . Some elite Military / Black Unit start Assassinations of their own. Offers of Amnesty made by group behind Trillion Dollar Lawsuit now in Process. Actions taken under EU Criminal Courts against Bond Vigilantes. The End Game Begins late 2012.

19) Surveillance State Economic collapse Nazi Forth Reich vies for power and control of Alien Tech / Suppressed Technology.

20) Tensions with China grow to Red Line. Doomsday Clock at 2 Mins to Midnight.

China's demand for Australian resources has always been a direct product of the global credit boom. Now that the boom is over, Australian Economy goes into Black Swan Dive
FEMA Camps used to imprison Rioters and Dissenters by agents drawn from Military and now part of 4th Reich Zero Tolerance. The Bankers War. Like Neutron Bombs leaves buildings standing and people dead.

Paper Monetary Instruments become worthless.

Shortages of Strategic Metals encourages more “Freedom / Overthrow of African Governments as part. Nationalization of Mines.

Banks Collapse   ‘bank Holiday “ declared.

With the use of suppressed Technology in local and Global warfare it becomes obvious to even those in the denial; a split already inside the Military widens to a possible Putsch by Patriot  / persons of conscience. (POC) the loss of the Republic demands the Oath they took is acted upon. demand? It should fall, that's what should happen. And that would mean 

Australia has already over-invested in resource production Mr. Neuwirth, who wisely abbreviated the phrase to "System D," estimates the size of the off-book global economy to be roughly $10 trillion annually, although he stresses that this calculation is "very rough and almost certainly on the low side."

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