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We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Day We Were 2 Minutes From The End Of The World

Stanislav Petrov — World Hero
He averted a catastrophe that could have shaken the foundation of the Earth
for many centuries to come — and the future of humanity

Dangerous Prelude
In 1983 relations between the United States and the Soviet Union were severely strained. The timing probably could not have been worse for a mistaken nuclear attack warning. Had Stanislav Petrov declared the warning valid, as his computers indicated, the Soviet leadership likely would have taken his decision as fact. Consider what was happening in the weeks and months leading up to Sept. 25, 1983: 

  • The Soviet military shot down a Korean passenger jet Sept. 1, 1983 (only three weeks before this incident), killing all 269 people on board, including many Americans. Soon after, the KGB sent a flash message to its operatives in the West, warning them to prepare for possible nuclear war, according to CNN.
  • The American leadership began referring to the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.”
  • Throughout 1983 the Kremlin assumed the West was planning a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, according to experts quoted by the Federation of American Scientists.
  • After President Reagan’s “Star Wars” speech March 23, 1983, the Soviets feared such a system would increase the likelihood the United States would launch a first attack since the United States would not fear retaliation, according to CNN.
  • The Russians saw a U.S. government preparing for a first strike, headed by a President capable of ordering a first strike. Russian strategy is to fire its arsenal as soon as possible after receiving indications of an attack, according to Bruce Blair, an expert on Cold War nuclear strategies (Dateline NBC, Nov. 12, 2000).
  • The United States and NATO were organizing a military exercise that centered on using tactical nuclear weapons in Europe. Soviet leaders were concerned this was a cover for an actual invasion. (IEEE Spectrum, March 2000)

Stanislav Petrov — World Hero
He averted a catastrophe that could have shaken the foundation of the Earth
for many centuries to come — and the future of humanity forever . . .
In 1983 in Russia, there was a man who would have been considered an enemy by the people of America. But as it turned out, he would become for them and for the world an unknown hero perhaps the greatest hero of all time. Because of military secrecy, and political and international differences, most of the world has not heard of this man. He is Stanislav Petrov.
The extraordinary incident leading to his heroism occurred near Moscow, in the former Soviet Union, just past midnight, Sept. 26, 1983. 

Because of time-zone differences, it was still Sept. 25 in America, a Sunday afternoon.
During the Cold War at this time, the United States and the Soviet Union were bitter adversaries. These two world powers did not trust each other, and this distrust led to a dangerous consequence:  

They built thousands of nuclear weapons to be used against each other if a war should ever break out between them. If there ever were such a war, these nations would very likely devastate each other and much of the world many times over, resulting in the deaths of perhaps hundreds of millions of people.
It was Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov’s duty to use computers and satellites to warn the Soviet Union if there were ever a nuclear missile attack by the United States. In the event of such an attack, the Soviet Union’s strategy was to launch an immediate all-out nuclear weapons counterattack against the United States.

On this particular day, something went wrong. Suddenly the computer alarms sounded, warning that an American missile was heading toward the Soviet Union. Lt. Col. Petrov reasoned that a computer error had occurred, since the United States was not likely to launch just one missile if it were attacking the Soviet Union it would launch many. Besides, there had been questions in the past about the reliability of the satellite system being used. So he dismissed the warning as a false alarm, concluding that no missile had actually been launched by the United States.

But then, just a short time later, the situation turned very serious. Now the computer system was indicating a second missile had been launched by the United States and was approaching the Soviet Union. Then it showed a third missile being launched, and then a fourth and a fifth. 

The sound of the alarms was deafening. In front of Lt. Col. Petrov the word “Start” was flashing in bright lettering, presumably the instruction indicating the Soviet Union must begin launching a massive counterstrike against the United States.

Even though Lt. Col. Petrov had a gnawing feeling the computer system was wrong, he had no way of knowing for sure. He had nothing else to go by. The Soviet Union’s land radar was not capable of detecting any missiles beyond the horizon, information that by then would be too late to be useful. And worse, he had only a few minutes to decide what to tell the Soviet leadership. 

He made his final decision:  He would trust his intuition and declare it a false alarm. If he were wrong, he realized nuclear missiles from the United States would soon begin raining down on the Soviet Union.

He waited. The minutes and seconds passed. Everything remained quiet no missiles and no destruction. His decision had been right. Stanislav Petrov had prevented a worldwide nuclear war. He was a hero. Those around him congratulated him for his superb judgment.
But he had disobeyed military procedure by defying the computer warnings. And because of this, he later underwent intense questioning by his superiors about his actions during this nerve-racking ordeal. Perhaps because he had ignored the warnings, he was no longer considered a reliable military officer. 

Presumably in the military it is understood that orders and procedures are to be carried out unfailingly, without question.

In the end, the Soviet military did not reward or honor Stanislav Petrov for his actions. It did not punish him either. But his once promising military career had come to an end. He was reassigned to a less sensitive position and soon was retired from the military. He went on to live his life in Russia as a pensioner.

Because of Stanislav Petrov’s actions that day in 1983, the Earth was spared what could have become the most devastating tragedy in the history of humanity. Stanislav Petrov has said he does not regard himself as a hero for what he did that day. But in terms of the incalculable number of lives saved, and the overall health of the planet Earth, he undeniably is one of the greatest heroes of all time.

There is yet something else unsettling about this incident. Stanislav Petrov was not originally scheduled to be on duty that night. Had he not been there, it is possible a different commanding officer would not have questioned the computer alarms, tragically leading the world into a nuclear holocaust.

As it turned out, this incident ended fortunately for America and for the world. But unfortunately for Stanislav Petrov, it ruined his career and his health, and it deprived him of his peace of mind. This is one debt the world will never be able to repay.

Stanislav Petrov Honored at the United Nations
Stanislav Petrov was honored in a meeting at the United Nations in New York City Jan. 19, 2006, which he described as his “happiest day in many years.” At the United Nations meeting, The Association of World Citizens, an international peace organization with branches in 30 countries, presented Stanislav Petrov with a special World Citizen Award. This is the second such award he has received from that organization (both awards are described further down on this page).

The following day Stanislav Petrov met with renowned American journalist Walter Cronkite at his CBS office in New York City. That interview, in addition to other highlights of Stanislav Petrov’s trip to the United States, will be included in a documentary, The Man Who Saved the World, which is being produced by the Danish motion picture company Statement Film. It is expected to be released in July 2009.

Stanislav Petrov was in the United States Jan. 14-28, 2006, participating in many meetings and interviews.

Stanislav Petrov revisited the United States in the spring of 2007, traveling to New York, to missile silos in South Dakota, to Las Vegas and the Nevada Test Site, and to San Francisco (all part of filming for the documentary The Man Who Saved the World).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

OBAMA Terror Attack to Save Presidency ? (From Info Wars)

President Obama’s ominous claim that America can “absorb” a terror attack will have many fearing that staging some kind of false flag event will be the only way the government can overturn the massive resistance to big government that has grown exponentially since Obama took office.

During an interview with journalist Bob Woodward, the president said, “We can absorb a terrorist attack. We’ll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger.”

However, the only thing that was made stronger by 9/11 was the federal government’s power to harass, shake down and spy on the American people, as was exemplified yet again recently when Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security was caught conducting surveillance on peaceful protest groups with the aid of an Israeli security company who listed Second Amendment groups amongst others as terrorists.

Given how both Bush and Clinton before him exploited terror attacks on U.S. soil to boost their flagging political agendas, we should be wary of Obama and his masters making good use of their own “October surprise” to counter record low approval figures for Congress on the eve of the midterm elections.

Talk show hosts such as Michael Savage have long been warning of a “Reichstag fire-like event” would be concocted to reinvigorate support behind Obama and given that his advisors include such ruthless individuals as Rahm Emanuel, the knife wielding son of a former Israeli terrorist who was involved in bombing hotels, marketplaces as well as massacres, we would be naive to put anything past these people.

Indeed, it was only two months ago that former Clinton advisor Robert Shapiro wrote in the Financial Times that the only thing that could save Obama’s tenuous grip on power was a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11.

“The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, adding, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”

Shapiro was clearly communicating the necessity for a terror attack to be launched in order to give Obama the opportunity to unite the country around his agenda in the name of fighting terrorists, just as President Bush did in the aftermath of 9/11 when his approval ratings shot up from around 50% to well above 80%.

Similarly, Bill Clinton was able to extinguish an anti-incumbent rebellion which was brewing in the mid 1990’s by exploiting the OKC bombing to demonize his political enemies as right-wing extremists. As Jack Cashill points out, Clinton “descended on Oklahoma City with an approval rating in the low 40s and left town with a rating well above 50 and the Republican revolution buried in the rubble.”

Only by exploiting a domestic terror attack which can be blamed on right-wing radicals, or by rallying the country round another war in the middle east, can Obama hope to reverse the tide of anti-incumbency candidates that threaten to drastically dilute the power monopoly of establishment candidates from both major political parties in Washington.

Shapiro is by no means the first to point out that terror attacks on U.S. soil and indeed anywhere in the world serve only to benefit those in positions of power.

During the latter years of the Bush presidency, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld mused with Pentagon top brass that shrinking Capitol Hill support for expanding the war on terror could be corrected with the aid of another terror attack.

Lt.-Col. Doug Delaney, chair of the war studies program at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, told the Toronto Star in July 2007 that “The key to bolstering Western resolve is another terrorist attack like 9/11 or the London transit bombings of two years ago.”

The same sentiment was also explicitly expressed in a 2005 GOP memo, which yearned for new attacks that would “validate” the President’s war on terror and “restore his image as a leader of the American people.”

In June 2007, the chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party Dennis Milligan said that there needed to be more attacks on American soil for President Bush to regain popular approval.

The Obama administration has proven itself to be alarmingly adept at lying about every issue under the sun, so why should we believe any different when it comes to the terror threat to America?

Using terror or the threat of terror as a political tool has been a routine ploy in recent years, and was acknowledged by former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge when he admitted he was forced to issue fake terror alerts shortly before elections to influence the outcome.

Threatening terror has also been a tactic of some of Obama’s biggest supporters in the Democratic party, people like former Senator Gary Hart, who in 2007 wrote a thinly veiled threat to Iranian leaders pointing out that the U.S. has been involved in numerous staged provocations over the years to achieve political agendas, mentioning specifically the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the sinking of the Maine.

Given the documented history of staged false flag events being used to manipulate both domestic and geopolitical affairs, added to the numerous threats of such provocations from several highly respected political operatives, it would be foolish to rule out the notion that the Obama administration could turn to such desperate measures in a last gasp effort to salvage power and demonize its growing legions of political adversaries.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show

Friday, September 17, 2010

Climate Change.... Yes, CO2 Man Made... No

Climate change has been happening for Billions of years. In the last 40,000 we have had two Cooling events where the Sea Level dropped sufficient to allow Aboriginal People's to cross by land to Australia.

There are even Maps drawn Millenniums ago showing the outline of Antartica without the ice. The reality is we are going through dramatic climate shifts , however the cause is not from CO2 Emissions. The whole Carbon reduction scheme is a ploy to levy a Tax on the developed nations and skim a few more Trillion from the average person. (46 Million now below poverty line in USA). Also it is a control device driven by fear and false science.

At present every Planet in our Solar System is showing signs of 'Climate Change' Mars is getting warmer, Venus brighter, also Neptune Uranus, Jupiter all showing unusual behavior consistent with heating.

The main body of mass in our Solar System is the Sun, the Earth is the relative sise of a Pea to a Cantaloupe. When the Sun acts up it effects the entire system. At the moment the Sun is coming into a major period of activity, Coronal Mass Ejections; CME's can cause similar effects as EMP the Electromagnetic Shock Wave that occurs when a Nuke is detonated. If one is detonated 100 miles above a city every electronic device you have will cease to work. Permanently.

Getting back to the System wide warming the evidence has come from NASA and other agency's. David Wilcocks site Divine Cosmos will allow you to download his research free and he is not the only person watching our Sun and the position of the Solar System relative to our Galaxy; this is the essence of the Mayan long count calender that ends in December of 2012.

2012 is not the end  of the world, it is the start of a new one.

Note sises of Earth to Sun, 9 Light Minutes away, What is probably the primary regulator of the Solar System and its Planets ?

The Case for Killing Granny

From Infowars Web  Site

Bill Gates on Population Control

Alex Jones Radio

David Wilcock

With the global elite in a race against time to enforce their draconian eco-fascist agenda before more of the public realize that the entire climate change con is a rigged game, alarmists are getting increasingly desperate and transparently thuggish in their rhetoric.

The mask of the man-made global warming movement is slowly being ripped away to reveal the true nature of what we face – a gang of hardcore control freaks who have hijacked well-placed environmental concerns as a vehicle through which to enact their religion of death – eugenics.

This was exemplified earlier this week when Bill Gates was caught in a controversy after he advocated the use of death panels to make rulings on denying health care to the elderly. Gates’ justification that killing old people could save money to preserve jobs was a classic case of social cannibalism, the end justifies the means, and it revealed the true nature of the eco-fascist agenda.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds vaccines for the third world to the tune of billions, and yet in his own speeches Gates has advocated using vaccines to lower global population, all in the name of reducing CO2 emissions and combating global warming. In other words, Gates invokes the vaccines he funds in the name of improving health care as a tool of forced sterilization.


Gates’ call for death panels was mimicked by a September 2009 Newsweek article entitled “The Case For Killing Granny,” in which writer Evan Thomas made the case for rationing health care by denying old people treatment.

The eugenicist health care argument shares a central parallel with the environmentalist screed – using the threat of artificial scarcity to uphold the role of the state as an authoritarian re-distributor

This idea is embraced by a growing cult of climate change cult members, who are openly calling for freedom to be crushed and humans to be exterminated in the name of saving the planet.

Top environmentalist and creator of the Gaia hypothesis James Lovelock told the Guardian earlier this year that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet.

In a recent book, author and environmentalist Keith Farnish called for acts of sabotage and environmental terrorism in blowing up dams and demolishing cities in order to return the planet to the agrarian age. Prominent NASA global warming alarmist and Al Gore ally Dr. James Hansen endorsed Farnish’s book.

    * A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“The only way to prevent global ecological collapse and thus ensure the survival of humanity is to rid the world of Industrial Civilization,” writes Farnish in the book, adding that “people will die in huge numbers when civilization collapses”.

Another prominent figure in the climate change debate who exemplifies the violent and death-obsessed belief system of the movement is Dr. Eric R. Pianka, an American biologist based at the University of Texas in Austin. During a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in March 2006, Pianka advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the world’s population through the airborne ebola virus. The reaction from scores of top scientists and professors in attendance was not one of shock or revulsion – they stood and applauded Pianka’s call for mass genocide.

The current White House science czar John P. Holdren also advocates the most obscenely dictatorial, eco-fascist, and inhumane practices in the name of environmentalism. In his 1977 Ecoscience textbook, Holdren calls for a “planetary regime” to carry out forced abortions and mandatory sterilization procedures, as well as drugging the water supply, in an effort to cull the human surplus.

Enforcement of the global warming doctrine in its many guises has become more aggressive, onerous and in-your-face as the years have gone by. With less and less believing in man-made climate change and with more and more understanding that eugenics is the real agenda behind the global warming bandwagon, the vitriolic nature of the propaganda has intensified.

Fresh food that lasts from eFoods Direct (Ad)

Consider the message behind the infamous Greenpeace video which was first released in September 2007, which shows a mean-faced child exhorting selfish adults for causing climate change. The clip reminds us that even back then, alarmists were coming off as increasingly desperate in their aggressive propaganda ploys.

The intention behind the clip was a classic attempt at divide and conquer between the generations in a similar vein to how AGW alarmist Al Gore told kids not to listen to their parents.

Basing his argument on discredited quasi-science, the boy donning a gangbanger hoodie warns that adults have had their chance to save the earth and now it will be the responsibility of the next generation to set things right — or set them right according to the globalist eugenicists. If the child’s facial expression is any indication, the effort will be less than kind.

The ugly endgame behind the global warming mantra is now crystal clear – rebranding climate change as “global climate disruption” and overpopulation, eugenicists are intent on exploiting hyped fears about environmental apocalypse to set themselves up as Gods with the power to regulate, oppress, and even make life and death rulings over a subjugated population, who through sophisticated barrages of propaganda will be convinced to acquiesce to their own enslavement and ultimately slaughter.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show

Thursday, September 16, 2010

War on Drugs Progress Report : CIA & US army helps out local Industry

The document below tells of how the Talibans worst mistake was destroying the Poppy Crop. Eradicated it completely. Now, 10 years since this was written we know that the President of Afghanistan's Brother is the largest producer / Drug Lord in the country and is being actively protected by the US Military and some Intelligence Agency's.
CIA Opium

The United States has 3 million people in Jail, 1 in every 30 people have been imprisoned. 
How many people have died in the failed "War on Drugs" 

Now its admitted on Fox that Aphaganistan is a protected Drug Supplier. the money goes to the 'Black Economy. Just as in the US / Mexico Border Drug wars are being fought to protect the interests of Black Operations.

Last year, Afghanistan produced nearly 4,000 tons of opium, about 75 percent of the world's supply, U.N. officials said. Opium -- the milky substance drained from the poppy plant -- is converted into heroin and sold in Europe and North America. The 1999 output was a world record for opium production, the United Nations said -- more than all other countries combined, including the "Golden Triangle," where the borders of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.

Does this piss You Off?

"Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban's supreme leader, banned poppy growing before the November planting season and augmented it with a religious edict making it contrary to the tenets of Islam.

The Taliban, which has imposed a strict brand of Islam in the 95 percent of Afghanistan it controls, has set fire to heroin laboratories and jailed farmers until they agreed to destroy their poppy crops."
Afghanistan, Opium and the Taliban Opium & The Taliban

Project Hammer
Covert Finance and the Parallel Economy
The off-ledger trading programs operated by some central and international banks launder massive amounts of money and provide vast sums to fund covert 'black budget' projects.
Part 1 of 2

 US Troops Guard Opium Crop
CIA & Poppy Production

Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 9, Number 1 (December-January 2002)
PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. editor@nexusmagazine.com
Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381
From our web page at: http://www.nexusmagazine.com/

by David G. Guyatt © 2001
c/- NEXUS Office
55 Queens Road
East Grinstead, W. Sussex RH19 1BG United Kingdom
David Guyatt Email: goldbug@goldbug99.freeserve.co.uk
David Guyatt Website: http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/

Project Hammer is all about money.  Stupendous great gobs of money.  So much money, in fact, that it will challenge whatever reality you thought you had about the over-world of banking, finance and economics. It is also about the nether world of international banking and finance, a world that is said not to exist in reality.  But exist it does. 

More often than not, this never-never-land of international banking is concealed from public view by the judicious use of two sets of books.  It is also eclipsed from interested investigators by a never-ending series of real frauds that result in arrest and imprisonment of numerous scam artists.  

This creates the clever illusion that the only thing going on are artful scams designed to fleece the unwary.
Such swindles fall under the general category of High Yield Investment Programs, Front End Fee frauds and Prime Bank Note schemes.  Numerous law enforcement cases such as these, when twinned with dire "beware" warnings published on FBI, US Treasury and other websites, easily lead one to conclude that there are no such things as "real" trading programs.  And the powers that be don't at all object to this conclusion being reached.  It is the old case of hiding trees in a forest.

A key point to keep to the fore in what follows is that trading programs operate "off ledger".  That is to say, the banks and central banks that operate them run two sets of books: one set for public scrutiny, and another set for private viewing only.  Another fact to bear in mind is that authorised programs generate quite spectacular profits for very little--in fact, minuscule--risk, and those who are invited to participate as funders accumulate capital at a shockingly rapid rate.  

One reason, perhaps, why the wealthy get altogether wealthier as the poor sink ever lower into the mire of poverty.
The financial, banking and economic shadow-world in which Project Hammer lived, breathed and manufactured money "out of thin air" is the dirty little secret of the Western economy.  It is a form of money creation that is effectively unchallenged by any form of oversight or accountability as we understand it.  Hammer and numerous other transactions like it are based on what are known as Collateral Trading Programs, although many other descriptive names and terms are also used.

1 The reason for such programs is to create vast pools of ready money that are earmarked for use in sanctioned (authorised) operations and projects.  On the plus side, many beneficial projects throughout the world get funded as a result of program trading.  On the negative side, there are more shadowy projects.  Included in the latter category are certain black operations.

The amalgamated pool of funds created and now held in dormant and orphaned bank accounts runs to trillions of dollars, according to insiders.  At the low end of estimates, there is believed to be enough to pay off the US national debt plus some change.  At the higher end, estimates range up to hundreds of trillions of dollars.  I have been repeatedly told, almost matter-of-factly, that the higher estimates are closer to the truth.  I simply don't know how big the sums amount to, but I can document US$12 trillion.  This sum is revealed in the late Baron Krupp papers that form part of the exhibits of the companion volume to dossier The Secret Gold Treaty (http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk).

Many different sources say that programs are also used to launder money by spinning it through a program cycle until it is pristine clean.  Drugs, guns and the usual array of dirty money transactions are said to feature. 

Since US dollars are the cornerstone of all program activity, Uncle Sam naturally gets a bite of the action.  A percentage of the proceeds is collected via private tax treaties negotiated with offshore entities.  These treaties also help to shield the reality of these programs from public awareness.  There are unsubstantiated rumours that some of the tax take occasionally gets "diverted" for altogether private purposes.  

It is an allegation that is impossible to stand up, however.
London and Zurich are key centres for program activity, although transactions are usually booked through offshore entities.  London and Zurich are also gold centres, and more than one credible source confirms that "black" gold forms an important part of program trading activity.  There are also good reasons to suppose that part of Uncle Sam's share of trading profits is credited to the Exchange Stabilisation Fund.  Here it is pooled with other funds and used to shore-up the American economy by--amongst other manoeuvres--manipulating the gold price to keep it below a predetermined price.

Trading programs are the preserve of many governments, their treasury departments and the top international banks which by their very nature have the necessary mechanisms in place to enable trading to take place efficiently and secretly.  Banks from G7 nations dominate. 

It follows, therefore, that a number of problems occur as a consequence of the multijurisdictional nature of supervision; and although safeguards are in place to ensure that "clean" money is fed into the system, this doesn't always happen.  

Funds of suspect origin do enter the system and are made pristine clean by this form of paper alchemy.
Large sums of black gold, cash or other forms of convertible assets are used as "collateral" to initiate trading programs.  

There are also certain classes of government-issued treasury notes and bonds that are privately lodged with major Western banks.  These "treasuries" are never meant to see the light of day, but are in turn used by major banks to back the issuance of their own bank debentures "off ledger" in substantially leveraged amounts that can run into tens of trillions of dollars--or their foreign currency equivalents. 
In turn, this bank "paper" is traded in pre-arranged "buy/sell" transactions at steep discounts (cents on the dollar) off the face value of the issued bank debentures.  The trading of the paper between banks--using proxies--is arranged and coordinated so that the traded obligations effectively "wash out" or are otherwise cancelled, although other scenarios exist where issued paper is purchased at a fair market value and held to maturity.  In the past, trading was paper-based, but today everything is electronic "screen-based" and consequently the credits traded have a life of milliseconds.

The difference between the buy-and-sell price--usually known as the "spread" (in the case of Hammer, this was said to be many percentage points)--generates a "fallout", a term that implies profit.  In other transactions, most notably "Jacobe", the spread was represented to be at least 10% on a planned face value issuance of US$27.5 trillion, according to documents I have seen.  This would have created a fallout of US$2.75 trillion.  However, for reasons yet unknown to this writer, it seems that the Jacobe program, privately hailed as the largest program "ever put together", was--for reasons that are still inexplicable--only two-thirds completed.

Less grand, but just as interesting in other respects, was the fallout from Project Hammer, which is said to have totalled over US$220 billion.  In fact, the precise sum is US$223,104,000,008.03.2

One of the central characters associated with Project Hammer was Brigadier General Erle Cocke.  Back in 1966, Cocke, along with his sleeping partner General Eugene Phillips, established the Washington-based consultancy firm Cocke & Phillips International.  This was at the height of the Vietnam War, and just a few months after Cold Warrior Paul H. Nitze issued the directive authorising the establishment of the US Navy's clandestine intelligence collection program more commonly known as "Task Force 157".

TF 157 would later feature in the Nugan Hand Bank affair exposed by Wall Street Journal investigative reporter Jonathan Kwitny in his book The Crimes of Patriots.  Task Force 157 came to an end on the instruction of Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, once he discovered the full involvement of "rogue" CIA agent Edwin Wilson in the Task Force.  Wilson was responsible for so much intrigue and illegality that one could shake a stick at it.  He was eventually arrested, tried and imprisoned--where he remains to this day, fighting for release.  

Many now believe that he was working on orders from above but in a deniable role and was cynically sacrificed to save other more prominent players.

During his investigation, Jonathan Kwitny learned that General Erle Cocke ran Nugan Hand Bank's Washington office.  Cocke's partner General Phillips denied this, saying they had merely rented office space to Nugan Hand Inc.'s Hawaii President, General Edward Black--a former OSS, CIA and senior military officer.  This proved to be untrue, however.  Kwitny learned that papers filed with the US Treasury listed General Cocke as the "person in charge" of Nugan Hand's Washington office.  Cocke claimed that someone else must have filed these papers without his knowledge or consent.

In April 2000, Cocke gave a deposition running to 67 pages concerning his knowledge and involvement in Project Hammer.  Ten days later he died from pancreatic cancer.  His explosive deposition reveals him as a very significant and highly connected player in a world few of us are familiar with.
Cocke fought in three wars: World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  During WWII he was an artillery officer and a division staff officer and was a POW under the Germans.  He worked for General MacArthur during the Korean War and for General Westmoreland in the Vietnam War.  Highly decorated for his service, he was awarded a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and cluster, a Purple Heart with three clusters, a Croix de Guerre plus the Légion d'honneur from France, and a Medal of Honour from The Philippines.  

He was the youngest National Commander of the American Legion and, prior to his death, became the oldest National Commander.  In addition he was distinguished by the Red Cross with the medal Cruz Roja, and he was made an Honourable Comrade of the Nationalist Chinese Air Force.
Cocke was a Shriner Mason of many years' standing (he held a semi-official voluntary position for that organisation) and a Grand Commander of the Knights of Malta--the secretive 

Vatican order that boasts numerous members who serve, or are closely affiliated with, Western intelligence and military services.  Intriguingly, he claimed to have been the first Protestant "in 1200 years to be so honoured".

In 1959 and again in 1960 he was a member of the US delegation to the General Assembly of the United Nations, holding the rank (and pay grade) of Ambassador.  After that, he was the first fulltime US Alternate Executive Director of the World Bank, a position he held for four years from 1961&endash;64.  Pressed about this in more detail by his questioner, a Washington attorney, Cocke responded by saying:

"At that time I owned 28 percent of the stock and, of course, I had all kinds of people in the Treasury tell me what to do.  Don't get me wrong, I made all the decisions.  But I was the executor, I was the delivery."

He also confirmed that he had worked for every US President:
"...from Truman to date.  At some stage of the game I worked for all of them.  I have to admit that some of them were very minor chores and others were important."
In addition to his many abilities and accomplishments listed above, Erle Cocke was above all other things a banker--a profession that ran in the family.  His great-grandfather put a bank "together in 1867", which was then the only bank in Georgia.  His grandfather founded a bank in about 1890, and his father was President of Fulton National Bank (which became Bank of America) and was at one time the President of the American Bankers Association and Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). 

Asked about his own knowledge of banking, Cocke said he had taken all the normal banking courses, and added:
"I understand banking.  I can teach banking--you understand what I am saying--at the college level."

This banking expertise was at the core of his firm, Cocke & Phillips International, which began life as a:
"...normal American firm, lobbying firm, here in Washington, and we grew into banking particularly.  The UN contacts and the World Bank contacts--sometimes they help those people for 10 years."

In a similar vein, he undertook all sorts of "chores" for some of the government intelligence agencies.  He explained this as follows:

"One thing is if they trusted you, they practically came in and said, 'What do I do?'  I mean, you didn't argue with them.  You sort of proceeded with the program and gave them a few choices, of course.  But [they] practically always followed what we did.  I was administrator, arbitrator.  I was [the] moderator, bringing people together."

Asked if that experience "would be true in the financial and banking world in particular", Cocke replied:
"Oh, yes. I have been able to close things that other people can't close."

As we shall see, Cocke's ability to "close" things other people could not close did not extend to Project Hammer--a financial operation that, according to Cocke, deeply involved Citibank and its Chairman, John Reed.  Cocke said he could get to see any President without any trouble, but complained that he could not get to meet John Reed.


Having briefly examined General Cocke's background, let's now return to that stupendous sum of "black" money mentioned earlier.  For purposes of clarity, this amount was referenced in Erle Cocke's deposition.  If, as we have said, this amount was stealthily "magicked" into being as a result of an exotic form of financial smoke and mirrors, the question is: where did it go? 

According to Cocke, this sum was lodged in "30-some odd accounts together". Asked where these accounts were located, Cocke responded by saying, "In almost one solid block at Citibank".

General Cocke's questioner then asked: "Would they have been in control of Mr Reed?"--meaning former Citibank CEO and Chairman John Reed. 

Cocke responded as follows, in this exchange with the attorney:
A.  Probably not all because there were so many different participants involved, and in different locations, countries, that I would say no, he did not have complete control, but everybody recognized it wouldn't be settled until it got to him.
Q. And these were, you say, accounts for various people around the world?
A.  Yes.
Q. Produced as a result of what?
A.  Well, most of them figured that greed in particular was mighty high.  And, if they put up this amount of money, then I am going to get this kind of money coming back.  That's the way practically all of it was.  I hate to use the word "sole", but "present" might be a better word.
Q.  Were these accounts for the benefit of people who had engaged in some kind of trading program?
A.  They were all to get in the trading program.  I haven't found anybody that didn't go in wanting to increase their income and their greed in the highest bracket if they could possibly put up money.
Q.  What I am understanding from you is that whatever these individuals, corporate entities, or even government...they believed, apparently by putting these funds with Citibank as part of this effort, they would then receive later down the road a pay-off?
A.  That is correct.
Q.  As a result of Citibank's management of these funds, is that fair to say?
A.  Yes, basically the whole trading bloc in a nutshell.
During the course of his deposition, General Cocke was asked if he knew who "created" Hammer "to begin with".  He admitted that he didn't know and was even reluctant to make a guess, but added that whoever set it in motion "had to have been somebody at a pretty high level".  He then made the interesting observation that whoever it was who had authorised it, "the original structure" had "obviously got way out of proportion as time went by". The implication was that some of the money--the fallout--got diverted from its original intention.

More than a few of those involved in Project Hammer at various levels have told me that they believe some of the pool of money created by the Hammer project was "diverted" and used to rescue many of the world's major banks, which by the very end of the 1980s faced insolvency following reckless lending policies throughout the late 1970s and early/middle 1980s.  It is certainly true that at that time many major banks like Citibank, HSBC, Chase, BoNY and others stood teetering on the very brink of disaster.

Another view is one that has been expressed by Daniel Hughes, of Hughes Oil Company, a Florida-based corporation.  Hughes had been heavily involved in finding collateral to place in a number of trading programs over several years.  This cost him tens of thousands of dollars, since most of these were illegitimate rather than genuine.  It is a fate that waits for untold thousands of unsuspecting investors who step into this shadowy realm unprepared.

Even so, it seems that Hughes did play a part in attempting to place collateral in Project Hammer.  He believes that the funds diverted from Project Hammer ended up in a CIA-controlled Swiss bank account in the name of the late Howard Hughes.  On the basis of years of investigation, Daniel Hughes believes that Project Hammer involved the trading of US$13.6 trillion in debentures, resulting in a "fallout" of about US$1.1 trillion which was stashed in the Howard Hughes account in Credit Suisse.  

Whilst there is no hard corroboration in support of this claim, it remains an intriguing possibility.  More so, for in his deposition General Cocke indicated that black money generated by trading programs might be hidden in dormant accounts, and a Howard Hughes account set up 30 years ago would clearly fall into that category.

According to Erle Cocke plus others I have spoken with, Project Hammer began life as an authorised but secretive trading program aimed at repatriating dollar assets that dated back several decades.  Cocke confirms this when he was asked what the overall objectives of Project Hammer were:

"Well, it was mainly to bring monies back to the United States from all types of activities, both legitimately and illegitimately. Not that they were in the smuggling business per se, but they were all in the arms business; they were all retracing dollars of one description or another that had accumulated all through the '40s and '50s really.  

And that probably is as broad a definition as I can give you.  And all kinds of nationalities were involved, all kinds of people were involvedÉ"

Cocke was then asked who would have been behind the Hammer project.  Would it, the questioner asked, have involved "various agencies of the US Government"?

"Yes.  Obviously the CIA, the FBI, the national security agencies of all types, Pentagon in the broadest sense of it and as such, and the Treasury, Federal Reserve.  Nobody got out of the act, everybody wanted to get in the act."
But there were numerous other entities involved in Project Hammer.  None more so than the world's big bank, as is made clear by the following exchange:
Q. What other banks and financial institutions were involved in it?
A. Well, if they were, they were still as a correspondent to CitibankÉ
"Correspondent", in the sense General Cocke's uses this term, means one bank's account maintained at another bank.  This is used to handle money transfers between both banks, and it very often denotes a "special relationship" between the the banks concerned.  The questioner then asked:  
Q. Do you know which of those would be involved? Was Chase Manhattan one?
A. I am sure that every big bank in every major country at some stage of the game had some of this pass by them.  They had a chance to refuse, or they had a chance to take it up.


Cocke was then asked who the "dominant participant" was in "terms of running this project, this vast project".  The General is in no doubt about his reply when he says that, based on his own investigation, it was "Citibank of New York, in both their Athens, Greece, office and in their New York City office".  He also acknowledged that Hammer was part of "an ongoing long-term kind of project".

Cocke went on to reveal that Citibank were "Égoing to be the trustees.  They were going to be running the program.  They were going to be the disbursing agency.  They were the cheese."

Asked to identify which principal officer in Citibank handled Project Hammer, Cocke responded that "from all records, communications and contacts, John Reed was Vice President, but he was the lone coordinator, for a better word".
Reed, who was Citibank's President and Chairman during this period, has formally denied his involvement in Project Hammer.  In a deposition sworn in December 2000, Reed stated that he had "no recognition or knowledge of anything purportedly known as Project Hammer". Nor did he have "any recognition or knowledge" of any person named Erle Cocke.  

His deposition goes on to list a number of other items, people and allegations that he also had "no recognition or knowledge" about.

For their part, Citibank, in a letter dated December 12, 2000, state that they "never issued commercial instruments on the basis of its possession of quantities of gold made available to it by agencies of the US Government and the Federal 

Reserve in order to ensure the solvency of Citibank in the '80s and other bullion banks".

This denial, although emphatic, is interesting.  Research shows that gold recovered by the forerunner to the CIA--the Office of Strategic Services (OSS)--was deposited in Citibank (and many other banks, too), not in the name of the OSS or CIA but in the name of one of their operatives, Severino Garcia Santa Romana.

On his death in 1974, some--but not all--of Romana's "assets" appear to have been illegally acquired by former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, who was at one time Santa Romana's attorney.  According to Santa Romana's widow, her husband gave Marcos a limited Power of Attorney for use solely in the Philippines, since he travelled abroad regularly.  It seems that Marcos somehow made use of this to gain control over Santa Romana's gold and other assets.

It also appears likely, based on documents in this writer's possession, that considerable quantities of gold once held by Santa Romana were later placed under the control of former CIA covert operator Major-General Edward Lansdale.  However, these assets were lodged with the Union Bank of Switzerland.  Again, it is worthy of note that they were placed in Ed Lansdale's name, not in the name of a US Government agency.  These assets are very clearly off the books.

Large quantities of gold held by Citibank remained in the account names of Severino Garcia Sta. Romana and José Antonio Diaz de la Paz (the latter being a well-known alias for Santa Romana) under reference codes "Fanerst King Fisher" and "Burgst Harbor King" respectively.3  These have been the subject of a legal wrangle between Santa Romana's heirs and Citibank's John Reed.

The fact that the gold held by Citibank and others may not have been in the name of the Central Intelligence Agency or the Federal Reserve--but, rather, was in Santa Romana's name--may have been all Citibank needed to wriggle out of a poorly crafted question.


1. Other terms that have been used are: Credit Enhancement Business; and Capital Accumulation & Structured Debt Programs.
2. Others involved believe this sum represents a part of the fallout from the Jacobe transaction, and not Hammer. 
3. This information is drawn from a letter dated December 20, 1995, from C. E. (Jim) Brown (the second husband of Santa Romana's widow, Luz), addressed to the US Justice Department.  Sta. Romana also used J. Antonio Diaz as another alias.  In fact, he used many different names and entities to conduct his business.

About the Author: 
Following a 28-year career in investment banking (member, AIBD) based in the City of London, David Guyatt's last position was Associate Director and Treasurer of the forfaiting (an arcane banking term meaning "to discount without recourse") division of a major international bank. David is married with three children and now pursues a career in journalism, writing for a variety of media and researching and producing factual material on a wide range of associated subjects. This is his ninth article for NEXUS, the most recent ones published in 8/01 and 7/05.
In addition to his feature writing, David has prepared background papers on Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), was a contributing member of ICRC's SIrUS Project that sought to define criteria for judging "abhorrent weapons", and has written for the World Development 

Movement on his "insider's knowledge" of international weapons financing. He has been a consultant on Swiss and UK TV documentaries exposing the threat of non-lethal weapons and Britain's weapons trail to Indonesia. He is presently assisting the US-based law firm Easton & Levy in its lawsuit against the Vatican for the restitution of the Nazi Croatian Treasury which was illicitly transferred to the Vatican and elsewhere at the end of World War II.

David has recently completed an in-depth investigation into the black market of gold and has published it as an electronic book, The Secret Gold Treaty, available through his home page http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/.

Monday, September 13, 2010

UK Falls into Bilderburg / EU Police State

The Lisbon Treaty abolished Britain
on 1st January 2009

  By  David Noakes

This sixth and final EU treaty formally replaced Britain with the European Union on 1st January 2009. This is a year before the deadline set by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel.

The Treaty "takes primacy" over the British Constitution which it thereby abolished, and with it the nations of Britain and England; it gives the EU the power to close our Westminster Parliament. The Lisbon Treaty was our Anschluss - It took 4 years for the founder of the EEC, Adolf Hitler, to turn Austria into a full police state after he annexed it. Similarly it will take the EU 3-4 years to consolidate its power, and it will then be impossible to get out. 

The Treaty sets up an unelected three tier politburo executive in Brussels with absolute power, a dictatorship on the soviet model. The EU parliament has no power and is a sham.

The Queen and Parliament completed ratification spring 2008

MPs voted by 362 - 224 for the Reform, or Lisbon Treaty in its Second Reading on Monday 21st January 2008. Parliament allocated 12 days to discuss this treaty in February (not much for its own abolition). 

The Queen, one of the main driving forces behind the EU for most of her life, gladly gave her Royal Assent on 19th June 2008. This means Westminster and the Queen ratified it behind our backs, as they have the other five treaties.

This Commons vote, one of the most important in our history, was largely unreported by our controlled press.
Since 1973 when the first EU Treaty came into effect, the EU has moved tens of thousands of pro-EU people into the senior positions right across our Parliament, government, press and media. Good leaders are being ejected from government bodies and organisations at all levels of society to be replaced by corrupt, incompetent people who can be controlled.

Westminster has been a puppet government of the EU for 36 years.

The Conservative, Labour and Lib-Dem parties pass EU treaties, EU laws, EU regulations and EU policy; over 80% of its legislation and policy is the EU's. Our five party leaderships take their orders from the EU, not from the voters, which is why your vote makes no difference, and the reason your wishes are ignored.  
Westminster has passed over 300 major laws, like the Civil Contingencies Act, to "harmonise" our laws with the EU's. The loss of freedoms and emerging police state is the result.
They have also passed 120,000 EU regulations; the 10% enforced so far have closed scores of thousands of businesses, from village petrol stations, to big industries like the Rover Car Co, to post offices (EC-9767). When fully enforced most of Britains 4.5 million small businesses will close, and most of their 13.5 million workers will be unemployed.

Yes, the EU will cause abject poverty, but in Britain alone. These 120,000 regulations do not apply in other EU countries. Nearly all the new "daft" rules, from dustbin over-enforcement to the Intercept Modernisation Bill (spying on our mail, email, phones; EU directive 2006/24/EC) to the complete removal of the public's wishes from local planning permission, stem from EU legislation.

The leaderships of the Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP and BNP parties are run by placemen loyal to the EU. There is only one British political party - the EU party - we already live in a one party state.

EU Collaborators closing Westminster

Gordon Brown, his Ministers, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin and their senior colleagues are conscious EU collaborators. There are no senior people with power in British politics or the judiciary who are not bought and paid for by the EU. MPs, such as Westminster's Mark Field, will admit to you they know their Parliament is closing. On 1st January 2009 the Lisbon Treaty removed the last 20%, ie all remaining power, from our Westminster 

Parliament, which became defunct on that day. It will continue the charade for the EU's sake, to conceal the truth from the carefully dumbed down British Public, until the EU has consolidated its power.

On 4th June 2009 we had elections to the sham Brussels Parliament, the only elections we will get in the future.
Westminster's five year term expires on 5th May 2010 and a British General Election is due. The six treaties make no provision for an election to our Parliament. If by that time the EU feels it has consolidated its absolute power, it will use it to cancel that election and to close Westminster.

But the EU's time scales slipped - they surprisingly allowed themselves to be slowed down by the first Irish referendum. 

There probably will be one more election to Westminster, when the deceived public may indeed vote for the Conservative party - EU controlled since the 1960's by its 8 high level Bilderbergers. Today these are led by Ken Clarke and Francis Maude, the real leaders - see "Freemasonry did it," left. You need to vote for independants, and unknowns - the EU doesn't have a control structure for those.

The EU has always planned to break England up by ruling directly from Brussels through the 9 EU regional capitals (Exeter, Manchester etc.), by-passing Westminster, from which every function will be removed.

When Westminster closes its much harder to leave

- Because there will be no Parliament to take us out. The legal way then is for senior judges to declare the six EU treaties illegal under the British Constitution and therefore null and void. But the reason they didn't do that decades ago is because our Law Lords too are part of the tens of thousands carefully chosen and moved into the controlling senior positions precisly because they are prepared to break the law to keep us in the EU.  

Treason is the most serious of all Britain’s crimes. It still merits life imprisonment. There is little time left to bring these vile British traitors to justice, and get us out of the EU dictatorship.

Economic destruction of Britain; and we will not be allowed into the Euro

The EU dictatorship cannot be built while there is a strong and freedom loving Britain on its doorstep. (We stopped them in 1914, 1939, and they don't remind you that the Nazis launched the EU as the EEC in 1940.)
For this reason the EU plans to destroy Britain economically (well underway - 35% done), militarily (see Lisbon - 30%), judicially (55%), socially (eg the deliberate breakdown of the family - 30%) and politically (70% complete).

The fact Britain is doing worse than other countries in this recession, and Sterling is falling, is entirely due to the deliberately crippling costs of the EU, now 1/4 of our economy; its made our Exchequer almost insolvent with the extra borrowing its caused. No, the EU will not let us into the Euro; its much easier to destroy Britain and Sterling together if we're kept outside.

The success, over the last fifty years, of the EU's Frankfurt School subversion techniques on Britain (see left) has been astonishing; the abolition of Westminster is one of their remaining goals, after which the EU will use clause 8A-4 of the Lisbon Treaty to close down the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem Parties (together with EUCJ ruling 274/99 to close UKIP and the BNP.) The destruction of British democracy will then be 100% complete.

The EU remains illegal

Each of these six treaties are completely illegal under the British Constitution (which is written, every word since Magna Carta), our 1689 Bill of Rights, our treason laws, and under our common law. It is unforgivable that the Queen, her Ministers and our Parliament have committed the criminal act of treason by signing these treaties, and broken our laws to abolish our nation. 

The EU will always be illegal in Britain; but once the EU has complete power and control here, we can no more get rid of it than we could Germany, had their planned illegal occupation of Britain in 1940 been successful.

No referendum

German Chancellor Merkel chose this sixth Treaty instead of pushing it through as a constitution to avoid referendums in member nations. She visited 10 Downing Street and forced Gordon Brown to cancel both his promised referendum, and his General Election.
"Anti-EU" groups have encouraged us to call for a referendum precisely because the EU has already prohibited it, and they know it will fail. The EU has ensured the leaderships of nearly all these groups have pro-EU people at the top to ensure they fail. (for example, the leaders of UKIP and the BNP, Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin, are both working for the EU.)

How to fight

One course of action is to change the minds of 70 MP's and get a majority against. MP's have been selected on the Party list system over the last 20 years to ensure an obediant majority of pro-EU MPs.
These MPs now need to understand the EU has the constitution (the six treaties) of a dictatorship, the laws of a police state, and when enforced, its 120,000 regulations will close most of our 4.5 million small businesses, make most of their 13.5 million employees unemployed, and create a soviet style command economy: dictatorships cause poverty. When the EU closes Westminster, these MPs will lose their £240,000pa salary and expenses. But there's more:

MPs institutionalised against their will?

And as MPs are the people who put this dictatorship in power, they are the greatest threat to take it out of power. All dictatorships in the past have eliminated that threat. Inside the EU, the lives of MPs will be even worse than our own; at best, they are likely to be institutionalised and held against their will. (This is the only good bit - these despised traitors will suffer severely.)

The new FTAC (Fixated Threat Assesment Centre) government department may have been established (2006) for this purpose. It can imprison anyone permanently with no rights whatsoever, no access to courts, and no outside communication, with psychiatric reasons as the excuse. It uses electric shock, sensory deprivation, forced injections of drugs, and other torture techniques as "cures." It has been used aginst a Plymouth man who wrote to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith criticising her for creating a police state; but he's just one of 168 victims it experimented with in its first year. Its the perfect soviet method of dealing with ex-MP's who are seen as a threat.

80% of Germans, 200 million continentals against the EU

Around 45 million British people in polls are against the abolition of our nation, and with the little European voting that has been allowed, it seems clear over 200 million of its victims don’t want the EU. And ten million Germans died in World War two; only their leaders want a repeat of German ambitions with the EU as the vehicle, which is why 80% of them are against it. But we will never be given the choice. 

YOU have to decide to act yourself.