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We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

IMHO...  Global power elites are not immune to Denial / Cognitive Dissonance / they think back to the past when they started World Wars, Crashed Markets, each time learning more from previous errors.
The observer thinks (who can still think) 'This is Madness, Greek  People will never accept the destruction of their Sovereignty, Riots, Etc. More Debt to fix

Debt, The PTB are playing for time, this is the only reason, they do not care about the Derivatives, they know that debt in Trillions and Quadrillions will Default, no other possibility hence the only logic is the 'Play For Time...Can Kicking.

In the limited time left before an expected or unexpected event should bring down the House TPTB have almost completed what they failed to achieve before. 

The Worlds strongest countries / their people have lost all the hard won freedoms that millions sacrificed themselves to keep. Defeating Hitler, The US Constitution sterilized, Drones to peer down, Cameras, interception of all communication, essentially the imposition of Fascist Governments across the Planet.

Not a Shot Fired, they care not about a few Billion forced to Poverty, to
desperation when the Soldier holds a bowl of Rice and you Salute and go back to your allocated place in the Factory,or the Detention ? Refugee Camp.

For Decades we had the fear of Nuclear War, on several occasions this
Extinction Event nearly happened, a hairs breath from Launch. Yet we accepted this insanity, TPTB accepted it and now we wonder if they would be Mad enough to attack Iran?

So a play for time while the last Bars are placed in the Prison Windows, when this exponential Currency creation destabilizes to Infinity TPTB will retreat to their guarded compounds and as JP Morgan kicked off the Depression by crashing Wall Street they will pull the plug.

What concerns them is the possibility that the Chaos will occur before they can finish the job. The Plans are possibly Centuries in the making. TPTB do not want a bunch of stubborn Greeks messing it up, in their arrogance they forget that the "Dumbed Down / Television / Drugged up Populations act out irrationally and Chaos beyond any external control occurs. 

Angry Hungry Ignorant. 7 Billion potential Hangmen storm the gates as their Ancestors leaped Trenches to be cut down by Machine Guns.

...Best Made Plans of Mice and Men

David Gray