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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Way Out Of The Financial Disaster Ahead…or at least mitigating its effects.

A Way Out Of The Financial Disaster Ahead…or at least mitigating its effects.

With debt now measured in Quadrillions, a system so rotten with Fraud and the measures being taken to ‘Fix it” are making things worse its time to see what might be available to the residents of Planet Earth to avoid both Financial & Environmental disaster.

When its boiled down every consumer item on Earth, all the food grown, the Mines dug etc all have one primary center, that is the need to use Energy, its Oil at the beginning, middle and end. The cost of everything has the price of the Black Goop at the core.

What if the World was able to get free energy, Zero Point or even Cold Fusion, thanks to the work of Tesla a Century ago and that of many who have followed. Developed systems utilizing Zero Point or “Vacuum Energy ‘ exist. Most people who still have a functioning Brain will remember or have heard of Inventors being bought out and the Patents “Shelved”. Others have come home to find their Garage emptied and some have been “Suicided”.

Threats, force and suppression have kept the world from changing over to free Energy for probably 50 years now, Technology is in two streams, the toys and minor improvements to the existing products have been let out.

Meanwhile for the past 50 years a parallel development of technology involving ZPE, Anti Gravity (Gravity Repulsion) and others, have with the aid of $Trillions funneled into the Military Industrial Complex are buried in Underground Complex’s, or applied to new Weapons.

If the truth could be brought out then the products and advancements available would be the equivalent of the Industrial Age. The Desalination of water, cars running on Electricity generated, and a million other applications could turn the World around in a Decade. The Technology exists; the madness of greed has kept them and the Scientists hidden. The Internal Combustion Engine is 19th Century 1890 since the Diesel Engine was invented.

Consider the use of free energy and Robotics combined with a purge of the corruption in the system. It’s up to the average person to stop voting for bent Politicians, the 2 Party System is the greatest Political fraud yet. There is one party with two faces. When you Vote try the third Party or Independent. Whatever you do ; getting the Pigs from the Troth and freeing Science from “Top Secret”. The Military Black Projects & the Banks have no consideration for the next Generation and none for you. Get some gumption; if you are intending to vote for a Republican or a Democrat don’t bother to turn up. That is a wasted vote.

Remember Obama and the promises he made? Do you really think that Romney will be any different? As stated the tools we need to turn this cess pit of corruption & suppression of Technology, existing technology will continue till you have to watch your children starve and any real Education is unavailable. Serfdom is where we are going, the remaining Democratic process is still a tool that could be used to Bloodlessly turn our society around.

Its little wonder that these ‘Elites’ have nothing but contempt of you, the Law and the Legislative Branch they own many, intimidate some, and lie to all. You might want to remember the actions of Obama and his promises are they not a Fraud in themselves?

All that’s required is to use the Brain you were born with and toss the incumbents out…ALL OF THEM.

I would prefer Joe the Plumber, he at least can run a business and probably is honest. The Bums we have now are not.

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