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The level set is that of a Jury; Does the material meet the standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". Because the material is so far beyond what a person is exposed to the standard is higher. You can perform the checks & balances yourself. I hope you will as your life and the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance.
We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Has a Quadrillion Dollars been lent to the people of the World?

Fullford,Willcock & The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

The latest news from the odd corner of the Octogon, I take David Wilcock to be a very serious resercher and Intuative. To this end and the power that comes with his popularity David would be the ultimate toll if he could be used. I do not believe he has been decieved, my own mind had been travelling down similar thought paths.

Statements Made: 
                             There exists hundreds of thousands of Tons of Gold in the control of a Chines ? Earth based group that Benjamin Fullford has been a prime face.

                           There is a Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed in Federal Court of New York citing some big names & Organizations (IMF, UN, Fed Reserve Etc)

                             140  Billion Dollars of US Bonds were intercepted in Itally, possibly Forged but unknown presently.

                              David Willcock had his Life Threatened and was extremely disturbed /frightened during a Project Camelot Interview.

  We are in the midst of a World War, this one is not the Phoney Soviet / Communism V Capitalism. This War is a Digital Economic Illusion that is enforced by Men &  Guns. Atomic Weapons are useless, if you have them. The methods of enslavement and Genocide like WW2 all out Warfare brings the chance of Extinction via Hydrogen Bombs, we now watch Countries Surrender their Sovereignty ( Greeks,Portuguese, Italian, Spanish ) or are overthrown as in Libya, Iraq, Egypt etc. The Ultimate Neutron Bomb destroys Freedom, Enslaves the Mind through Propaganda & Pharmacology, if this is not sufficient, now the person  / any person can be picked up and "Dissipated"

Seems reasonable that all the 'Threads' of the PTW schemes would tie together in this so called Financial Crisis. The thought that the declared amount of Gold in existence was way to small had occurred to me and efforts to get a vague idea proved frustrating.. Its often written that almost every ounce ever Mined is still in existence. 

Only now are we having to dig up 1 Ton of Ore to get 5 Grams of Gold. In early years it could literally be picked up in Nuggets. Its not a Rare Element.For every 15 Ounces of Silver their is 1 of Gold. We Mine a Billion Ounces of Silver Year. Multiply a years production of Gold that in the past was easier to Mine.

In 2000 Years at a rate of 500 Tons a year Equals 500 Thousands Tons. A Guesstimate of mine but reasonable. Gold was a lot easier to Mine in times when the great mines were being discovered.

Considering that just in the last two Centuries; California and Australian Gold Rushes and the South African Gold rushes. The Millions of Ounces / Tens of thousands of Tons did not all 'go into circulation. I read that every square Mile of Seawater has 8 Tons of Gold in suspension.

The big odd factor is why we accept this bizarre "Quadrillion Dollars of Debt in Derivatives etc. How can a Planet with a Gross Product of about $35 Trillion each year.

It would be like the average person being in debt for a Billion Dollars each give or take.

Unlike the end of WW2 when the cities of the world were in ruins...That's Debt. Product of Human Labor is gone and must be replaced, the Copper in every Brass Cartridge or Shell is Gone lost forever. That is a Loss, replacing it is a Debt.

Now how Logically can 7 Billion people owe a small minority of maby a few Million, probably less than 1 Million, possibly 100,000 individual with 90% of the 90% of "Wealth" that exists.

(Mp3 of Fullford Interview in early Dec 2011)

Mathematically this is impossible for the numbers to match actual Debt. Real Debt is as I described , a NEED to replace product of Human Labor Lent, as with an Ounce of Copper that must be paid for.

Has a Quadrillion Dollars been lent to the people of the World?

If not, then the Debt is without base in Law. (I believe its called a "Torpid Debt"). The IMF "Loans" are a great example , the "Money" lent to a Government and then stolen of wasted. Often Dictatorships. How can people under a Dictatorship owe Money? They are unable to make a Legal contract.

Getting back to the Quadrillion, $1.4 Thousand Trillion Dollars I think that's 411 times one years Planetary GDP.

So this "Debt" all the insane "Austerity" is never going to pay a small fraction. In fact these countries will go strait into recession, no chance of ever paying it off. Just loss of Sovereignty and effective Slavery is imposed.

The Banks and the Puppet Masters DO NOT WANT these 'debts' paid.

Whats put to us by Media makes no sense, all we see is a small group of people scrambling evermore frequently to hold the system up or "The financial system will collapse"

If they don't want this to happen then to my mind then it should happen and the sooner the better and it will be the start of a better world.

We Humans of the 'Day to Day' we who just wish to work and live for a fair chance at a decent standard of living.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Loss of Trust & Market Failure

"When you accept money in payment for your effort, you do so only on the conviction that you will exchange it for the product of the effort of others.” Ayn Rand

In case you missed it the past month has produced the “Lehman Moment” for a 150,000 Investors who were basically robbed of $1.5 Billion USD. In the moment that these people had placed money into MF Global they did so with the same faith and confidence they might have when depositing cash into a Saving Account in the Bank.

They were sadly disappointed to receive a Margin Call that in fact the money had been bet by the Management of MF Global on high Leveraging and dangerous adventures and to add Salt to the wound the ‘Responsible Parties’ have not face any Legal Sanction. Fraud for some is Legal. For any of us without access to those in power we would be Handcuffed and Jailed.

The ripple effect is only just beginning, one Trader has publicly closed her business and stated she could no longer, in good faith guarantee the safety of her clients money. For every one of the 150,000 who were robbed another 150,000,000 at a conservative guess would be headed to their Computers and looking at the exposure they now have in a new environment, an environment that is now totally unpredictable.

How do you calculate Risk in this type of environment? All the Charts, Technical & Fundamental analysis you may perform is virtually worthless Risk Assessment is now a simple question. How do I preserve my wealth. Your wealth being the sum total of your labor in the years since you first became a member of the majority, the working class is anyone who through honest exercise of Mind & Body produces product and obtains payment in return.

When the Law is not applied with equality, when Interest Rates are lower than Inflation (through Government Intervention) we exist in the environment of Financial Repression. The Investor has been boiled down to holding depreciating cash, mostly in the form of  Paper FIAT Money. Money that for over 40 years is not backed by Gold or any other Asset of Substance.

Another underreported News item has been the result of the 27 Countries of the Euro Union that are now 26, Briton having decided that her best interests were served by not participating in the purchase of what is essentially Junk Bonds from ‘Under Capitalized’ European Banks. Put another way, Bankrupt Banks.

Unlike WW1 & 2 the English Channel is no protection for the Financial War that has been declared between the French / German Union V The British Financial System. We will see the ramifications of this in the months to come, like Atomic War it will be the Government that strikes first that will possibly survive the inevitable retaliation.

Countries are broke, Banks are Broke and the Gloves are off, like the victims of MF Global the consequences of the failure of Trust, trust being the glue and Rule of Law the Structure no longer exist. The individual has no choice now but to seek Survival, fallout from these Wars will begin climbing an exponential swing devouring all as War has a tendency to do, the least protected, the easiest ‘Marks’ will be either eroded or like the MFG victims wake up to find something else they thought was secure and safe will not be.

Take nothing for granted, no promise by Government or Corporation, no ‘Certificate’ has meaning. WW3 is here like the Neutron Bomb the buildings still stand but there is no escape from the Particle Storm

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Along with Pink Flying Cows and the new Mathematics

Along with Pink Flying Cows and the new Mathematics that the World has been introduced too, its obvious why kids today are unable to add up without a Calculator.

We now have a Banking System that is working on "Magic Math" where you have Triple Entry Bookkeeping. One column for the Deposits and Cash on hand another for the PEOV or Preferred Estimate of Value, an example is the Mortgage Certificate of a Million Dollar Home that is not able to be sold at all, then another column for the leveraged value (multiplied by the the needed numeral).

Needed Numerals allow for Banks to present a Big Executive Salary Increase. The Third Column is the critical one, its so important that its not ever disclosed. Its the greasy Handshake with Politicians , Insurance to stay out of Jail. If I Go You Go or IGUG.

The new thinking occupying the Money Managers is where to put Money where it won't be MF Globalized away.

Clearly assessing how bent and how probable you will have your Life Savings eaten away slowly or slashed away in Legal Theft.

This is the new Monetary System, do not trust anyone, a Mattress might expose you to Inflation loss but at least your being robbed in a kindly way. Your Million Dollar Retirement is going to last a few years maby? You have the benefit of Denial and having to work in Mc Donalds and still hang onto your Walking Frame while flipping Burgers. New Skills!

Lucky we live in Australia where the Mines keep poring cash and the House Price always rise; Europe is so far away and America is just another country.

Oh the Joy we have not got Politicians getting favors  /Hookers / a correction; Masseuse  for that nasty Back problem.

We don't have any of those nasty problems down here.