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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

OBL is Dead, "has been" for a long time ?

So the evil bad guy is dead, amazing assault on compound and burial at sea.

Interesting the past weeks action.

The so called Birth Certificate is released, a scrappy job i I must say. If the CIA or other alphabet agencies wanted to cook up a "Genuine certificate I am certain they could. Why wait all this time and why produce a document that raises more questions than it answers?

The Ben Bernanki show is also a first, a Fed Chief having a Press Conference is unheard of. It did no good the US $ is dropping down a greasy sloap.

When you see the Euro in similar shape, Oil at $150 or more its time to head for the hills.

Meanwhile the "Peace Keepers of the "No Fly Zone" have lobbed a Missile into Qaddafi Sons home killing his Son and 23 Grandchildren. The War in Libya will be a long protracted affair, the rabble of Western Backed Rebels will meet heavy resistance. If you take a moment to look at what sort of country Libya has become then you should be surprised. Its a very well cared for population and Qaddafi will have a lot of support.

The Missile strike was a War Crime. Even Bin Laden denied responsibility for 911. Why would he do that.

What my worst fears tell me is we are being Sheep-led into a state of readiness where the NWO can commit a major atrocity and blame it on Al Kaida, as the Zombies shout USA, USA!! the Bilderburg group will be meeting in June to plot their end run to 2012.

Inflation from Oil Prices and Fed printing is hurting big the littlest people. While Trillions are moved around the Board Game people will find the Food Stamp buys less and less as the Police State squeezes the last drops of Liberty from the last great experiment in Human Liberty and expression.

Choices you make now are of more importance than you could realize, if you take this as an opportunity to paint any dissenting voice as "Conspiracy Nut" and cheer the death of innocents as collateral damage then not only will your Wallet be poor but your Spirit will also be lost to them.

In these times the choice of Service to Self or Service to Others is your last and most important action. STS will allow victory to those who wish to Enslave, they live for power. Money they have, the ultimate power is yours to give or deny. Simple as that.

Prey whatever action they plan will fail and that the Veil will fall exposing the Slave Masters masquerading as slick suited, silver tongued liars as Obama has so clearly shown himself to be. The worst President in American History.

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