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Wednesday, May 11, 2011




All of us “Conspiracy’ theorists have smelt a lot of dirty Rats emanating from the USA ‘s ‘ killing ‘ of OBL. He has been dead for some 8 years of Kidney disease. Hence why now? Any Political points for the President are going to be faded away by next year so why now?

One answer is in the evidence we can see and the view of Pakistan as a loyal ally in the bu**it war of Terror is now turning to the creation of yet another axis in the Terror supporting countries, another War like Iraq is out of the financial / Political question another Afghanistan or an other Libya quagmire as irts turning into is not a great outcome.

The Police State network is being rolled out in the USA among others. The public is now going to have Uncle Sam in the re pockets grinding the middle class to poverty. The great “We will protect you from …..(Insert here) hands down the pants and X – Rays at Train and Bus Terminals, Malls etc. Terrorists in every corner.

Americans are half asleep, the other half are deeply suspicious and it might be the idea to kill a few birds with one stone.

Pentagon Lawn After "Jet: Hits It..???

Gravel Over Lawn ...Why? No Jet Fuel? No Debris, No Video, No Bodies, Believe it?

First create the Pakistan / Muslim / Atomic armed threat, a Suitcase Nuke is detonated (or Dirty Bomb ) in an American city or a container on a Pakistan Registered ship explodes. Simultaneously in true El Quida style another Nuke is set of in a major Indian City killing millions. A carnage or proportions I find hard to contemplate yet it achieves a few very helpful (from the NOW standpoint) effects, India retaliates against Pakistan and the 200 Warheads they, India, have in stock, many on Missile delivery systems take out Pakistan’s identified (by the CIA / NSA Satellites) no retaliation from the smoking ruins and the monsoon winds blow the fallout up toward China and other neighbors.

Back in the USA a frightened population submits to the surrender of the remaining Civil Rights hoping for protection from the evil Terrorist Boogey Men who have supposedly more of these Nukes spread around the country. Out with the Water boards its Surfing USA. Britain and the EU also institute Medieval suppression of the population, cameras, voice, face scan,. The Internet is closed to all but “Approved Commercial Traffic” as with any other communication like Mobile Phones these become two way devices tracking all the pre identified ‘threats to National Security.

The Gloves are off Obama mouthpieces for his handlers, no one will defy the Republic, the Reichstag is burning and Terrorists / suspected… rounded up, their own Mobile phones leading the squads to pluck them. Any resistance is met with magnified force and weapon confiscated. The owner / holder is shot or interred pending Military Tribunal.

The above scenario is totally fiction of course, yet can anyone deny that its not well within the parameters of suspicion and the Par for the Course already set, whoever took out the World Trade Centers 1,2 &3 turning them to dust killing thousand is not going top be perturbed at a few million more deaths especially if it allows the final solution of Martial Law and Global Take over to be achieved.

How the Russians and Chinese would react is another matter, they know as well as any one that Global Thermo Nuclear War is extinction for all. How do you respond to the above? Let fly and go back to the Stone Age?

Not being a charter member of the Global Elite I have no idea of the overall plan, Chaos is certainly a big part of it, fear another added with the installation of more “Security” for our own protection.

God and our own awareness is all that will save us, make people who sell propaganda know you want nothing to do with their agenda.

WRITE (USE A stamp preferably) to your Politico and tell them its OUT OF OFFICE FOR ALL.

We the people still have some vestige of power left to us, the 2 Party system has robbed us (Or we gave it away) of any real choice. HOWEVER most Elections are carried by a small percentage of people . The Swinging Voter” people who will change their vote or even vote for an Independent 5rd Party Candidate.

Write to your Local Member / Congressman and tell them in clear words that if they sit on their arse and let sh&# slide by, if you do not hear from them they will not get your Vote, nor will the other Red / Blue alternative. You will vote for the Independent, the Third Party whomever. They will be OUT.

Several Countries Governments are on very slim margins; a Government can fall on 50 Votes. Unless your using a Hacked Machine, even then they are rigged for one or the other not for random, rebellious Voters who have heard so much trash and cowardly kiss ass behavior serving Political Machines that see us as gullible fools who have certainly acted the part.


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