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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silver Liberation Army Official Communiqué No 2: Formal Declaration of War on Banker Occupation

To all of the governments of the world; under banker occupation. Greetings. This is an anonymous communiqué from the Silver Liberation Army.

We want you to understand your current and dire situation. We, as good citizens of the world, have formally declared war on you.

We, unlike you, do not require your tools of death, destruction, and chaos as provided by your military industrial complex that you use to spread your brand of corrupt mutant capitalism through tyranny.

To win this fatwa all that we need is truth and we will destroy your reign of financial terror without ever causing physical harm. To destroy you we are going to collapse JP Morg and the Ben Bernank by buying all available supplies of physical silver bullion.

We will expose all of the J P Morg short positions leading to the printing of more fiat currency, thus diluting the value of it to the point of it becoming worthless; causing the good people of the world to lose faith in your corrupt institutions.

We are winning the Info war because we speak truth. We are winning the Info war because you speak lies, you use weapons of death, destruction, and enslavement on the good people of the world.

You sacrifice the health of mother earth and humanity for the sake of wealth, power, and greed. That will be your undoing. The good people of the world are waking up to how you are using them to satisfy your power and control cravings through austerity measures imposed because of your self-serving interests.

To the good people of the world:

Crash J P Morgan. Buy Silver.

The Official Silver Liberation Army!

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Christopher Barker: & Bill Murphy: From GATA

Barker: I think it's a failure of investors to understand the implications of this story, whether they're invested in precious metals or not.

Murphy: Well that's one thing we tried to do with the Wall Street Journal ad; that's why we paid $264,000 to wake people up, and that was two months before the financial markets collapsed.

Barker: One part of your testimony that jumped out at me was actually a quote from your Wall Street Journal ad, where you said: "Manipulation is a primary cause of catastrophic excess in the markets." Could you explain to my readers how gold price suppression could facilitate market excess?

Murphy: What's important for your readership to understand is that the markets have been made dysfunctional by U.S. policy and what these bullion banks are doing. Even Alan Greenspan said recently that interest rates were left too low for too long. Had the gold price been allowed to trade freely, interest rates wouldn't have been able to stay down as low as they were. It would have been a warning sign for people not to get involved in the behavior that they did ... not to go with all of the risks that developed. And there's a good likelihood that the disaster would have been nowhere near as bad as it was.

Alan Greenspan called gold a "thermometer." So they diffused the thermometer by keeping the gold price managed. And what's important for people to understand now is that the same thing is going on. If we're correct, it's going to lead to a bigger catastrophe, because no one has learned any lessons.

Barker: In your view, what is needed to convert these myriad allegations into the kind of slam-dunk case that commands widespread media scrutiny or prompts a regulatory overhaul?

Murphy: How has every scandal that has really been an important one broken? Revco, Enron, Madoff ... it has to blow up. And it's so sad. All the whistleblowers at Enron, and in the Madoff scandal, were ignored or ridiculed, like we've been ridiculed for the last 10 or 11 years. It's always the same, because we're taking on the rich and the powerful in America ... and they don't like it. Unfortunately, that's what it's going to take. It might be some kind of default on gold and silver delivery. It takes the markets to blow up, and then you have the big to-do about 'how could this have happened?' It makes me sick to my stomach.

Thank goodness for the Internet, though, because it's changing everything. The story that we're telling, which we believe will go down as one of the great financial scandals in American history, would never have been discovered without the Internet, because none of us would have met each other. It's truly remarkable what the Internet is doing, and it's allowing the little guy to take on the big guys. As hard as it is still, at least we have a chance.

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