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Friday, May 27, 2011

T SA SS Texans stand up resistance is not futile

So the Channel 11 Sports Broadcaster I remember is a Texas Senator, Dan Patrick had all the Votes needed to legislate, that putting your hands down a kids pants is a problem. I think it must be something to look forward to, a free feel up when you go through the Radiation full body scan.

Its apparent that molesting anyone by the methods used by the TSA would get any other person in jail even a Police Officer does not have the power to do that. The TSA is going to become the equivalent of Hitlers SA the original Brown Shirts that gave birth to the SS.

Lets get it clear in my mind, not having a uniformed goon put there hands down your pants (they even got to feel up Miss America on the inside of her panties)......heck some people would pay to have that job like that and I am sure it attracts the highest quality of applicants.....

Your Holiday will have that extra spice this year when going through the Airport.

T SA SS If this Legislation went through Texas would have been "Blockaded" by Air. Soon the Railways & Schools. Malls etc will all have people feeling extra safe from Tea Towel Headed Terrorists that are behind every Bush....Obama is protecting everyone and I am sure he would love having his kids getting the royal TSA treatment where they change the gloves.

Just the fact that its necessary to have a Law written to stop this when its already illegal, I know what would happen to me if I attempted to make people safe like that.

Good for you Texas. At least your trying and people went down to the Parliament and demonstrated their support of Patrick's Bill.

TSA the new Homeland Security Enforcement Arm.Time to just drop the T and call it what it is, give em Black suits and Batons & Guns and we will all feel safe, safe, or SS for short


Surveillance under the business-records provisions has recently spiked. The Justice Department’s official disclosure on its use of the Patriot Act, delivered to Congress in April, reported that the government asked the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for approval to collect business records 96 times in 2010 — up from just 21 requests the year before. The court didn’t reject a single request. But it “modified” those requests 43 times, indicating to some
Patriot-watchers that a broadening of the provision is underway.

“The FISA Court is a pretty permissive body, so that suggests something novel or particularly aggressive, not just in volume, but in the nature of the request,” says Michelle Richardson, the ACLU’s resident Patriot Act lobbyist. “No one has tipped their hand on this in the slightest. But we’ve come to the conclusion that this is some kind of bulk collection. It wouldn’t be surprising to me if it’s some kind of internet or communication-records dragnet.” (Full disclosure: My fiancĂ©e works for the ACLU.)

The FBI deferred comment on any secret interpretation of the Patriot Act to the Justice Department. The Justice Department said it wouldn’t have any comment beyond a bit of March congressional testimony from its top national security official, Todd Hinnen, who presented the type of material collected as far more individualized and specific: “driver’s license records, hotel records, car-rental records, apartment-leasing records, credit card records, and the like.”

But that’s not what Udall sees. He warned in a Tuesday statement about the government’s “unfettered” access to bulk citizen data, like “a cellphone company’s phone records.” In a Senate floor speech on Tuesday, Udall urged Congress to restrict the Patriot Act’s business-records seizures to “terrorism investigations” — something the ostensible counterterrorism measure has never required in its nearly 10-year existence.

Indeed, Hinnen allowed himself an out in his March testimony, saying that the business-record provision “also” enabled “important and highly sensitive intelligence-collection operations” to take place. Wheeler speculates those operations include “using geolocation data from cellphones to collect information on the whereabouts of Americans” — something our sister blog Threat Level has reported on extensively.

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