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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Has a Quadrillion Dollars been lent to the people of the World?

Fullford,Willcock & The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit

The latest news from the odd corner of the Octogon, I take David Wilcock to be a very serious resercher and Intuative. To this end and the power that comes with his popularity David would be the ultimate toll if he could be used. I do not believe he has been decieved, my own mind had been travelling down similar thought paths.

Statements Made: 
                             There exists hundreds of thousands of Tons of Gold in the control of a Chines ? Earth based group that Benjamin Fullford has been a prime face.

                           There is a Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed in Federal Court of New York citing some big names & Organizations (IMF, UN, Fed Reserve Etc)

                             140  Billion Dollars of US Bonds were intercepted in Itally, possibly Forged but unknown presently.

                              David Willcock had his Life Threatened and was extremely disturbed /frightened during a Project Camelot Interview.

  We are in the midst of a World War, this one is not the Phoney Soviet / Communism V Capitalism. This War is a Digital Economic Illusion that is enforced by Men &  Guns. Atomic Weapons are useless, if you have them. The methods of enslavement and Genocide like WW2 all out Warfare brings the chance of Extinction via Hydrogen Bombs, we now watch Countries Surrender their Sovereignty ( Greeks,Portuguese, Italian, Spanish ) or are overthrown as in Libya, Iraq, Egypt etc. The Ultimate Neutron Bomb destroys Freedom, Enslaves the Mind through Propaganda & Pharmacology, if this is not sufficient, now the person  / any person can be picked up and "Dissipated"

Seems reasonable that all the 'Threads' of the PTW schemes would tie together in this so called Financial Crisis. The thought that the declared amount of Gold in existence was way to small had occurred to me and efforts to get a vague idea proved frustrating.. Its often written that almost every ounce ever Mined is still in existence. 

Only now are we having to dig up 1 Ton of Ore to get 5 Grams of Gold. In early years it could literally be picked up in Nuggets. Its not a Rare Element.For every 15 Ounces of Silver their is 1 of Gold. We Mine a Billion Ounces of Silver Year. Multiply a years production of Gold that in the past was easier to Mine.

In 2000 Years at a rate of 500 Tons a year Equals 500 Thousands Tons. A Guesstimate of mine but reasonable. Gold was a lot easier to Mine in times when the great mines were being discovered.

Considering that just in the last two Centuries; California and Australian Gold Rushes and the South African Gold rushes. The Millions of Ounces / Tens of thousands of Tons did not all 'go into circulation. I read that every square Mile of Seawater has 8 Tons of Gold in suspension.

The big odd factor is why we accept this bizarre "Quadrillion Dollars of Debt in Derivatives etc. How can a Planet with a Gross Product of about $35 Trillion each year.

It would be like the average person being in debt for a Billion Dollars each give or take.

Unlike the end of WW2 when the cities of the world were in ruins...That's Debt. Product of Human Labor is gone and must be replaced, the Copper in every Brass Cartridge or Shell is Gone lost forever. That is a Loss, replacing it is a Debt.

Now how Logically can 7 Billion people owe a small minority of maby a few Million, probably less than 1 Million, possibly 100,000 individual with 90% of the 90% of "Wealth" that exists.

(Mp3 of Fullford Interview in early Dec 2011)

Mathematically this is impossible for the numbers to match actual Debt. Real Debt is as I described , a NEED to replace product of Human Labor Lent, as with an Ounce of Copper that must be paid for.

Has a Quadrillion Dollars been lent to the people of the World?

If not, then the Debt is without base in Law. (I believe its called a "Torpid Debt"). The IMF "Loans" are a great example , the "Money" lent to a Government and then stolen of wasted. Often Dictatorships. How can people under a Dictatorship owe Money? They are unable to make a Legal contract.

Getting back to the Quadrillion, $1.4 Thousand Trillion Dollars I think that's 411 times one years Planetary GDP.

So this "Debt" all the insane "Austerity" is never going to pay a small fraction. In fact these countries will go strait into recession, no chance of ever paying it off. Just loss of Sovereignty and effective Slavery is imposed.

The Banks and the Puppet Masters DO NOT WANT these 'debts' paid.

Whats put to us by Media makes no sense, all we see is a small group of people scrambling evermore frequently to hold the system up or "The financial system will collapse"

If they don't want this to happen then to my mind then it should happen and the sooner the better and it will be the start of a better world.

We Humans of the 'Day to Day' we who just wish to work and live for a fair chance at a decent standard of living.


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  1. The next bubble, or the next Financial 'Boom' like Dot.Com, Real Estate or other exciting shows like a Circus that comes to Town & everyone spends a fortune on Junk Bags, , No Win Games & Rides.

    The White Shoe Boys want another show, one more big blast to finish off the last of any surviving Investors. The Joe Six Packs have been getting slowly Bankrupted over the last 50 years, Wages Down, Inflation up. A single pay pack is not enough. A 2 Cent Box of Matches in 1975 is $0.30.

    How about getting people to get frightened out of the Gold & Silver Markets, this latest Smash Down is I predict the last "Controlled Demolition" .Like 911 Buildings are disintegrating even when not hit by a Plane.

    Get the people scared to death that their money is going to evaporate, "Use it or Loose It" Money Policy, in the meantime break the Commodities System, MF Global was the Lehman Brothers Event.

    A Cardinal rule was broken, Trust destroyed in the System itself. You would think twice before putting Money on Margin to Buy Anything. I would.

    Its far more preferable to drive the Pick Up to the Loading Dock at ABC & "Fill er up". The Trust lost will multiply, part of this present downturn is result of MF Global.

    Meanwhile the Mad Men of the EU & USA have contrived a sneaky way of pouring more Debt into the obese PIGGS and line up another State for a Military / Green Revolution / Enforced Democracy.

    Bad Debt for fresh Money, all that is achieved is the Can Kick, a phrase burned into our Brains, why the postponing of the inevitable? To obtain some more short term gains?

    Or to buy time to get all the Ducks in a row, the PTB are doing some weird stuff, stupid from most of us with a mind to think.

    Whatever happens the Big Shots do not want to be the last to dump paper for Gold, get the price down (& Silver) Buy up, push down, buy up, then introducing the Media to the new great Investment, the Mania as Mr Pulava would say.

    We have 'Heady' days of everyone talking about Gold & Silver coming. Prices will go to the roof and Homes & other real Assets will drop way below true value.

    A few years from now the Unemployment will be 25 to 60% in Western Countries, Inflation @15% to Hyper,

    Secure Villages with Gun Toteing Guards for the remaining few who rode the Metals & Survival Commodities Boom. Government by Decree (Fascist) is already spreading across Europe. Not a Shot Fired as Hitler might say.

    The White Shoe, Security State, The Marshal Law to deal with youth who have never had a Job & even less Education of worth.

    Am I one of the few who has some remarkable gift for prognostication? Can I see what only a few experts in the Real World. I think Not. If I can see whats going on, from reading/listening to those who do know the inside then their must be many more thinking Humans who can see we are in 1932 and Hitler is Echoing in my Ears.

    We who are readers of "Alternative Economics" The Debunked Variety (T hank's Steve) should add another Forum Room for more edge of the Envelope of Belief. Without Fear of Nut Label.

    We have to start accepting Logical Inevitability, as with stating "Aussie Home Prices Will Crash" A Logical Inevitability, the Time factor being the only real "Unknown" of the equation.

    Time to start your own LIFE Projection as we head down the spiral.