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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Along with Pink Flying Cows and the new Mathematics

Along with Pink Flying Cows and the new Mathematics that the World has been introduced too, its obvious why kids today are unable to add up without a Calculator.

We now have a Banking System that is working on "Magic Math" where you have Triple Entry Bookkeeping. One column for the Deposits and Cash on hand another for the PEOV or Preferred Estimate of Value, an example is the Mortgage Certificate of a Million Dollar Home that is not able to be sold at all, then another column for the leveraged value (multiplied by the the needed numeral).

Needed Numerals allow for Banks to present a Big Executive Salary Increase. The Third Column is the critical one, its so important that its not ever disclosed. Its the greasy Handshake with Politicians , Insurance to stay out of Jail. If I Go You Go or IGUG.

The new thinking occupying the Money Managers is where to put Money where it won't be MF Globalized away.

Clearly assessing how bent and how probable you will have your Life Savings eaten away slowly or slashed away in Legal Theft.

This is the new Monetary System, do not trust anyone, a Mattress might expose you to Inflation loss but at least your being robbed in a kindly way. Your Million Dollar Retirement is going to last a few years maby? You have the benefit of Denial and having to work in Mc Donalds and still hang onto your Walking Frame while flipping Burgers. New Skills!

Lucky we live in Australia where the Mines keep poring cash and the House Price always rise; Europe is so far away and America is just another country.

Oh the Joy we have not got Politicians getting favors  /Hookers / a correction; Masseuse  for that nasty Back problem.

We don't have any of those nasty problems down here.

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