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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 : The Paper Money Experiment is nearly Over

For those of us who are awake to the encroaching disaster that has taken down Greece, Ireland, Iceland, and is now about to meet a mess that will be to big to fix.

The failure of Spain, Italy the United Kingdom or the United States to continue to hold the confidence of the Worlds big players will topple all the Fiat based based currency's.

Put simply whatever your nationality the money in your Bank Account and in your wallet is going to be worth the paper its printed on..nothing. The experiment of issuing IOU's to the individual in exchange for their labor or goods is a very new idea. About 40 years we have had money that is backed only by "Confidence". Confidence in the Government and Banking system. Never before has this situation existed in 4000 years of civilization.

In many language's the word Silver has literally translated as "Money", money has always been backed by some tangible commodity either Gold or Silver (or Copper) for the past 40 of these 4000 years this has not been the case.

If you have faith in your Banks and Government those same Banks and Governments that brought us to the brink of Financial Armageddon. The system almost crashed. Without the pumping of Trillions of previously non existent money into these institutions you ATM would have been closed on the Monday morning.

So we got close to system crash, Blue Screen of Death for the entire Financial system, now we are a few years down the track and the real powers behind the Thrones would have us believe that the approach of creating money by purchasing your own debt can continue indefinitely.

Does this make sense to you? When you look at graphs of the US and EU Debt going in an exponential streak , a virtual strait vertical line up of debt in amounts that equal the entire world GDP 10 times over. How can 1.8 Quadrillion of Debt in Derivatives even exist?

Its insanity, the price of Gold and Silver has begun to reflect the move of many people into these solid real Momentary units. One Ounce of Silver is $30 ($31 last night) Gold is $1420 USD. This is just the beginning, if you consider that insider trading (Shares owned by CEO and other members of the Worlds largest companies is now 3000 to1. In other words for every 1 Share these big boys buy they are selling 3000.

They are investing the money into commodity's, not Share or Bonds. Listen to the TV "Experts" they will tell you how wonderfully the Market has 'Recovered'. They tell us its safe to go back into the 'Water'.

Are you really ready to take it on faith that these bits of paper, Stocks, Bonds and Paper Money are really worth betting your life upon? Would it not be wise to buy some food supplies; this is an entirely reasonable bit of Insurance even if what I am suggesting is Bull%$#t ?

How about exchanging some of this paper they call Money into some Gold or Silver ? Is the proposition that we could have another failure like last time that they cannot fix with more "Quantitative Easing" ?

What I am proposing is not a wild conspiracy theory, it nearly happen once, and the people we have in power do not inspire faith. "Yes We Can" Obama (Or was it Bob the Builder?) and the other big shots that supposedly have our best interests at heart. Do you trust them with you family and whether you can feed them in event of a natural disaster like the Queensland Floods?

We are adults, we can take some simple reasonable steps to protect ourselves. Even if you believe in a benevolent caring Government and a selfless honest Banking system run by honest honorable and ethical people; taking the steps outlined is a reasonable thing to do.

6 weeks supply of Food

Some Silver & / or Gold coins

A Water Filter (Bench-top Model is $200)

Some cash in case the Banks are forced to close for a "Bank Holiday"

A Medical Kit & Battery powered Light, Portable Gas Cooking equipment.

Its 2011 my opinions are clear throughout my Blogs, you do not need to share them to see the common sense above. Take some small step in buying real "Insurance". You buy the other sort on faith they will pay out. This Insurance is no loose.

Today 4 Jan 2011 = 79.269

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  1. Powerful and realistic article, we are running out of time.unfortunately 95% of people will be caught by the upcoming hyperinflation being in denial.So.. it's a matter of helping those who want to be among the surviving 5%.