I set great score by the accuracy of the material presented in my Blog. A single source of information is not enough.
The level set is that of a Jury; Does the material meet the standard of "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". Because the material is so far beyond what a person is exposed to the standard is higher. You can perform the checks & balances yourself. I hope you will as your life and the future of the Human Race hangs in the balance.
We live in a time that might occur once in 25,000 Years.

Friday, December 31, 2010

I Am An Aussie ,,Sport, Beer. Ignorant as #hit


I am entitled to have my litter / mess cleaned up for me…(Somebody else always does it.)

If I have a problem I write an Anonymous note in crayon…..(I believe everyone should agree with me)

Cigarette Smokers should be banned…. (If they want to smoke they can suck my cars exhaust fumes and put up with the noise)

My Music is the best so I make sure everyone in the building can hear it…(Not my fault if they want to sleep at 3.00AM)

The Sun & The Age are full of valuable information;                  ………(The TV told me so)

Australia is not affected by any other country’s problems….…. (They are too far away)

Real Estate always goes up in price….…(My Agent told me so at the Auction)

All of Australia’s Banks are trustworthy and could never collapse… ………..(My Bank Manager told me so)

Our Government is a Democracy and there is a difference between Liberal & Labor…. (The Age & Channel 7 told me so)

The Financial Crisis finished years ago and its plain Sailing from here….(My Stock Broker told me so)

The Aussie Dollar is as good as Gold…(It says so on the bottom of the Note)

America will always protect Australia & my Government would never Spy on me……(They promised)

Sports should get more Media attention….(Especially during the News)   

WT7 Collapsed from fire and buildings often drop at free fall speed from Kerosene melting 5 inch thick Steel columns 

Terrorists are more dangerous than Bee's and Lightning.

Afghanistan is a War we must fight to keep Terrorists from attacking us.

Iraq had WMD's but we have yet to find them...

Money can be printed endlessly without negative financial or Economic problems.

Just because America is in trouble doesn't affect us here in Aussie land.

Because of the Terrorists on 911 all the Wars and loss of basic Civil Liberty's are justified. 

If 911 was an inside job then all we have done and has been done in our name would be wrong and our Governments would be complicit in Crimes Against Humanity. 

If we stand by and say nothing then we too are complicit and something terribly wrong is and has been happening, its the last day of 2010. We have a little time left to change course. 

This is a War for our Spirit, those who serve themselves seek to enslave and depopulate the Earth. On the other side is those who would act in the free action of Service to Others.

We can expect perhaps 15% of the population to awaken to these realititys, all the evil is performed in plain sight. Hitler wrote Mien   Kaump and described everything he was going to do and how.

Every War of the last Century and this one has been manipulated, including the Cold War. The War of Terror is no different.

Good luck with 2011, weaker people than you need your help, look for the 15%, never get into an argument with a fool.

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