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Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama: A President Exploits A Tragedy

  A Doped up Psyco commits a crime, a Father of one of the victims, a 9 Year Old Girl asks that the death of his daughter would not be used for Political purposes....


Right down to the T Shirts this rally was an insult. 


Has anyone considered how long it takes to print up all those T Shirts? 

I have a horrible feeling that the whole incident was an example of a stooge being used and 'Handled' to create an event for the purpose of producing this 'event'. How handy... Maby its time Obama grows the little Mustache he needs to complete the costume.


What a failure of a a Human Being, a Politician a great talker, fooled me, I actually thought we might have a good man in the White House. As it stands the record of broken promises tells it all. 


Might as well elect him again, its obvious he is not running anything more than the Anchor of a mainstream News show. Yes Sir...Anything you say Sir, another J.P. Morgan man in the team, sure, anything you want.


One more point, with hundreds of Billions spent on setting up a surveillance grid, all the lost freedom's guaranteed by the Constitution, all the TV Screens going into Walmart, the eves dropping on communications, the "Total Surveillance Grid" with all this we have this nut telling the world and anyone who will listen he wants to go down in a hail of Police Bullets. No Body thought he might just be a risk? If this guy sticking out like a sore Thumb got past the net, it seems to indicate a lot of people were asleep at the switch. How did he get within a mile of a Congresswoman & a Judge?


More Liberties need to be curtailed, Civil Rights removed, tear up the Constitution. Any Excuse to use Terror, staged by the Elite and turn it on the people, 18% Unemployed, 90% Zombie, 100% in danger of a Fascist State / Corporate Government and a Secret Police. Brown Shirt to the Black Jack Boot / Skull & Bones Deaths-head..



Attempt by Obama Operatives to Turn Memorial Into Political Rally Backfires

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Kurt Nimmo
January 13, 2011
On Wednesday night in Tucson, Arizona, Obama and the Democrats disrespected the dead and turned a memorial into a cheap and tawdry political rally for the re-election campaign of Barry Obama.


A few of the usual pundits and observers noticed the obvious attempt to gain political mileage out of the dead and wounded by the Obama machine.
“Never before in the annals of national moments of mourning have the words spoken been so wildly mismatched by the spirit in which they were received,” writes John Podhoretz. “There was something about the choice of place, a college arena with the appropriate name of the McKale Memorial Center, that made the event turn literally sophomoric.”
The Washington Post said it is not “offering a judgment on whether or not it was an appropriate tone for a memorial service, but rather that it made for at-times incongruous sounds and images on television.”
The New York Times skirted the truth when Michael Shear wrote: “Mr. Obama’s speech, delivered amid sorrow, offered a fresh glimpse of the candidate who used hope as the tool to inspire his [supporters].”
“This was more like an Arsenio Hall show than a memorial service,” Doug Lucas, writing for American Thinker, complains today. “Catcalls, standing ovations, whistling and the whoop, whoop, whoop of the crowd dominated the night. What should have been a somber occasion for reflection turned into another Obama pep rally. It was as if these students had their guy up on stage and by God they weren’t about to let a national tragedy get in the way of them having a good time and cheering on their messiah.
From the moment a politically correct Indian invoked ancestral spirits it was obvious the event was designed to be a political rally for Obama.
The creepy zombie-like Obama supporters we endured during the election returned in force and completely overshadowed any solemnity intended for the dead.

Another indication Democrats planned to exploit the dead came when operatives placed “Together We Thrive: Tucson & America” t-shirts on seats in the lower sections of the arena prior to the arrival of participants.

On January 10, the University of Arizona announced that Team Obama had accepted an invitation to visit Tucson in response to the shooting on Saturday. “President Obama will speak at a memorial event at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 12 to support and remember victims of the mass shooting in Tucson, and to lift the spirits of those who have been personally affected by this tragedy,” UANews reported.

It takes time to design and manufacture thousands of t-shirts, a fact that leads one to conclude that Obama’s handlers had planned to exploit the tragedy soon after it occurred last weekend.

Rahm Emanuel, Obama chief of staff, once averred “never let a good crisis go to waste.” Soon after the shooting, however, Emanuel was quick to declare his political maxim “is not not intended for this moment, it doesn’t apply to this moment.”

The reaction of the Barry Obama faithful last night indicates otherwise. The corporate media is now predictably praiseful of the scriptwriter eloquence of Obama’s teleprompter speech. But with a few notable exceptions they have ignored the obvious fact that Barry Obama operatives decided before the smoke cleared in Tucson to exploit the memorial for political gain.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Obama has kicked off his re-election campaign on the bodies of Jared Lee Loughner’s victims, including the body of a nine year old child.

Even with the stench and pallor of the dead, politics never seem to change in the district of criminals.

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