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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Travel to USA ? Be Ready For Sexual Assault or X Ray Blasts

The TSA , America's agency 'trusted' to secure Americans from the evils of men in Turbins . To travel by air in the good old USA you will have to subject yourself to the "Naked Body Scanner" a 'lower powered X Ray. (We all know the safe level for Radiation? ZERO.

Refuse to walk through the hot box and you will be given a 'Hand Search' this involves being groped on the private parts, children included and its usually a majority of attractive women that are selected for the full treatment by Male TSA workers.

Now imagine a Male groping your child, it sounds outragous and unbelievable but thats the truth. The National "Opt Out Day" timed for the Thanksgiving holiday  was to be a protest. The TSA decided the Terrorist threat was somehow lessened and the body scanners and Grope Police were stood down for 3 days.

What is happening in America? Its called Fascism and its coming eventually to a town near you. Think Australia is Immune, check out what our Government already has the power to do to any of under the unsellable of "Terrorist"  or "Security" your chance of dying in a Terror attack is less than being struck by Lightning.

Google is now exercising its power and shutting search trends down for un-cooperative  Constitutionalists. People who make noise about the errosion of Liberty in America. Its eroding like ice under a hot shower.

PrisonPlanet.com Censored and Watched by Homeland Security?

According to their website, PrisonPlanet.com has been censored by Google and Homeland Security. The website claims to be a freedom of speech political reporting outlet, though many often question the validity of their stories.

With the whole wikileaks fiasco erupting lately and many torrent websites being shut down by Homeland Security for file sharing, people are wondering a lot about censorship and government involvement in search engines and other online website.

PrisonPlanet.com reports that "A Freedom of Information Act request filed by former Congressman Bob Barr seeks to discover whether the Department of Homeland Security has been keeping tabs on the Drudge Report and other prominent media outlets who have spearheaded a nationwide revolt against invasive TSA airport security measures."

We're certain that Google is often under immense pressure from the government and are surely trying to keep certain sites in check as asked to. Is this censorship? Probably, but then again, the internet laws are a bit blurred in many areas.

Travel to anywhere but America, its a mess and a nightmare unfolding.

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