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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prepare, the minority is usually right .

Please Note # I am not a qualified Financial Adviser

Artificial Sweeteners such as Diet Coke and similar drinks. The substance "Aspertain" is not only Toxic but also addictive + as a topper it causes Obesity or can aggravate the problem. I have been having to taste the stuff in my mouth for the past few months as I have given up Smoking and use the Gum. Even after washing the stuff off the outside using the Tap water I still have the rotten aftertaste. All the artificial Sweeteners
are similar chemically and very Toxic.

The Government would not let that happen just to allow Corporations to make profits from selling something Toxic?

I posted an article re the City of Houston and many others being Bankrupt (along with several thousand other Municipalities.) Having to cut back, the "Recovery" is non-existent and another Obama disappointment (as the 174 Prisoners at Guantanamo will tell you it has not been shut down) Bush looked good compared to this guy.

Retirement benefits are extremely important and at present are in danger of being Federalized (Stolen by the Government) and with every day that passes the actual cash value diminishes while the Federal (Private) Reserve creates money as are the Europeans in Trillions. 

The reality is that if the Banks had to actually Audit their books in GAP Accounting terms they are all Bankrupt. As so much Real Estate has gone down the sewer and vacant Houses do not pay Tax the local Govts start running out of funds, many lost their shirts in 2008 now the Tax base is shrinking and Municipal Bonds are not selling .

You will hear a lot about "Bonds" Muni's specifically as they are the next Domino to fall, cities like Houston will have to offer extremely high interest rates to sell the Bonds to raise the money to pay the Fireman, Cops & teachers. Your choice of Profession nowadays needs to be a wise one indeed. Last to go as Police and Fire, other services decline as the failure to sell the Bonds or the payment of interest on mountains of Debt pushes cities to the brink of Default. The last place Chuck wants to go is California. 

They are Bankrupt, more people with PHD's work in Fast Food Industry than in any other State.

Paper Money will be Inflated away, its already happening, if you can find out from your Retirement Fund where they have your assets invested would be a good start. Many Superannuation Funds are up to their necks in Stocks, the Stock Market has been artificially pumped up by the injection of Trillions of Fed Money (Debt) and a new 'Bubble' has been created, when this one bursts as it finally and inevitably will the World Financial System will collapse.

The warning signs to look for are the price of Oil as it will pass $100 a Barrel on its way to $150....$200 also the measure of the US Dollar called the USDX presently sitting at around $.7799 measured against the Worlds Currency's. You are probably seeing the beginning of inflation now in the Grocery stores.

Down here in the "Lucky Country" we avoided the bullet in 2008 but nobody learned from it and our Banks are also Bankrupt if brought to account, my own Bank Xzombiankpac; borrowed several hundred Billion$ from your Federal Reserve and so did a couple of others. 

This was not disclosed to Shareholders as with Goldman Sacs, JP. Morgan and the rest of the Gang the "Rule of Law" no longer applies, these guys live and breathe Fraud. They sell Fraud, they Commit it Daily and they are never brought to account. 

Since 2008 not a single senior Bank executive has been charged with anything. During the Savings and Loan in 1985 1500 of them were sent to Jail. This time they can defraud people of Billions and pay a Fine of a few million. Racket, Ponzi Scheme, Criminal Fraud ...That the Business of World Banking.

As we go about out lives next week they will be at Davros talking about injecting $100 Trillion into the System of "CREDIT"  Its not F*528447263ing credit its Debt. Paper money , Electronic Money and the Banks need more and more like Junkies to keep the 'Game' rolling, when it ends the super rich 'Elite' of the world will retire to their Gated Security Communities and let the Sh&%$t fall where it will.

At this point its a matter of time, as Oil prices go up you know you have less, I beg you to cash out as much as you can and convert it to Gold and Silver. If you want some Professional advice talk to Euro Pacific Finance
 (I am not a qualified Financial Adviser )
 Contact@europac.net |  

Euro Pacific Capital | 88 Post Road West | Third Floor | Westport | CT | 06880

I recommend this guy, Peter Schiff, he has a few offices around the country and a
specific Precious Metals division. I know cashing in 401K's and Retirement Plans is not
simple but its fast going to be a choice of Will I get my Money?   When I get my money
will it be worth anything?

The World is going to crush all the people that did the hard work to build it, a bunch power crazy "Banksters" are going around the World destroying Economies and enslaving their populations through Debt. Iceland had a Referendum and told them F U we are Defaulting, and they did. Iceland is in better shape now than it was and they cleaned the slate.

The Irish are about to kick out the stinking Government that has already sold them out. 

The Greeks are bought out Lock Stock & Barrel. Islands for Sale to wealthy Globalists
with Gold Coins. The price of Gold goes up for 2 reasons at present, people know that paper money is loosing its value and want something that will protect there wealth, and as Hedge against a local or Global Economic crash. Share Trading by "Insiders" (CEO's CFO's etc ) has been increasingly negative, the  people who know are selling 6000 shares to every 1 they buy up from 3600 : 1 ratio in September Quarter.

I have the good fortune to be able to spend hours a day studying what is going on and where we are headed as a people, Australians are about to find out a truth that everyone else in the world knows. Real Estate does not always go up in price, with an area of the country where all the Coal, and a lot of the food is grown the tipping point is about reached. After 50 years of upward growth the Australian Housing Market is now Zeroed out and will (adding in the pressure of 20 Billion in damages from the floods).

The equivalent of ten Sydney Harbour's poured out in  a day). 
Hell we have idiot Economists down here that are saying how much employment will be created!! That is Keynesian Economics, the Greenspan and Bernake  reasoning, the Obama Green Shoots, when Debt is called "Credit" when the Military and Government joins with the Banking Cartels you have a Fascist State.

Look around and how many basic Civil Liberties have been sacrificed in the name of "Security" Have you had the pleasure of being x -Rayed or Felt Up by the TSA? Where every Phone call and every E mail is available without Warrant. Where you or I could be taken of the street and tossed in a Cell and they don't have to tell anybody.

As famillys you should all get together and work out some survival plans, there will be food on Grocery shelves but no one will be able to afford it. Buy up now on things you use before they inflate, purchase a $200 water filter and attach it to you drinking water.

Our water is full of Heavy Metals (I bought one, Filter System $200 AUD Shipping Inc) and Coffee tastes really good made with pure water. Fluoride is Toxic, so Radium, Uranium, Pesticides that run off etc.

 I try to keep people updated as we go along. Its pretty 'Out There' sort of stuff but I have yet to be proved wrong, its easy to dismiss it and Laugh... He's Nuts....... Tin Foil

                         I read Dan Dennings article a week or so ago, he writes "Australian
Wealth Preservation Gameplan" on the opinion that the World Economy is about to fall of a cliff. So while they sell Stock recommendations in D & D + ASC, Dan is preparing for financial Armageddon. Not making money but how to keep it.

He is not the only one, I read dozens of different newsletters and the sharpest Investors are all bailing out of stocks. (Make some money on short term 3 to 6 mth outlook) .

During the Great Depression of 1929 after the Market crashed it revived in a similar way to now. It then 18 months later crashed even further.

One thing most of these rich people are doing is collecting cash and Gold & Silver, they
will wait till the crash then go in and buy the best bargains in Gold & Silver Miners, these went up by 10 to 100 times there bottom price during the Great Deppression. 

Very few people are buying Gold and even fewer buying Silver. The Silver Market is very small and the Metal is in short supply now. Mabye 1 in 100 investors hold Gold, people who follow the crowds and think this present Rally will keep going and America & Europe are fine. They will get burned, its always been the corner nobody looks in where the Money is to be made.

I predict: By 2017...... 5 Ounces of Gold will pay for a small House in Australia.

In a crash people often have to raise money in a hurry and sell a lot of things cheap as everybody else is in the same position,,,needing cash...Hence the Smart Guys are not in Stocks except for some strong Miners. They keep there assets in Gold out of the Banking System.

If you bought an ounce of Gold today @ $1350 an ounce and it failed to go up in price (very un likley in a Global crash the Australian Dollar would crash. @ A .65 instead of the .99 cents today that ounce would be worth $2076 just in appreciated currency. 

If Gold travels to the predicted $2000 to $3500 by years end $2000 would equal $3760 or at $3500 it would equal $5380.

The Formula is  50% to 75% in Gold & Silver, 20% in Cash out of Bank; 5% or more in common grocery items (Non Perishable) With Inflation coming as it will a roll of Toilet  paper has more Profit potential than a share in ANZ or Westpac.

Buy 12 Roll Pack @ $5, sell in 12  / 18 Mths at $6 to $8 a pack. 20% to 75% Profit via saving your money in goods not a Bank account at 4% Interest. All consumer prices going up.

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