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Saturday, February 12, 2011

EGYPT CIA Takes Down One Dictator & Replaces With Another

Before we get all warm and fuzzy about the "People" overthrowing a Tyrant and seizing "Democracy" or being on the road to a Government that allows basic Civil & Human Rights to be protected. Think about the replacement for a start, another Military man, supported by the Military and the Muslim Brotherhood, another creation this one of British manufacture, oppression, imprisonment and Torture are the normal day to day working of the continuing US  / Banker supported Government.

Mubaric gets to retire with 60 Billion in his Countries money . (Or did he earn all that on his Paper Round? Nothing like a Golden Handshake with a Gun Barrel at your Forehead. Changes your perspective real fast. Who can blame the man? 30 Years of dedicated despotism and a Salary of 2 Billion a year.

One catch is do what your told by the Elites, unlike Greece and Ireland, a strait out Banker take down of the Economy was not needed, food was the Match that started this fire, all that money being created has trickled down like a putrid leak has inflated food prices across the Planet and its just beginning.

In the Middle East the next door to be knocked on will be Syria not so easy but very doable considering the Royal Family Dictatorship is not beloved of the people. Israel want her neighbourhood cleaned up and Syria is another non co-operative entity that will not come to the Bomb Iran party, change is coming, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in the other direction the other big pin is the Saudi Royal Family another US (Backed) Dictatorship that has to be handled carefully.

A sudden shakeup in Oil prices from kaos in the Middle East is not a surprise you want. Its one you want to manage as we head to $150 to $200 a Barrel Oil. When that happens its kiss the 'Green Shoots' goodbye, and delusion that Joe Sixpack may have had that this was just another recession that the Government would take care of. 34 Million Food Stamp recipient's can't be wrong.

The big plan is to bring the lot down Globally, introduce your Global Currency and probably push the price of Gold to 5 figures, the Elites have been using these decades of low prices to push up their holdings knowing that the FIAT money experiment will never work and could never work.

If you want to keep just a tiny slither of your previous wealth or treasured Bank Account or Pension Fund, 1971 this all started and 40 years later its almost over.

As Britain was once the Global Currency the Pound Sterling (16 Ounces of Sterling Silver) the debts of WW2 destroyed Britons economy and now the next pin is the USA. Its a time in history when very few people on the Planet own very much Gold or Silver 99.999 % of people have none except for a bit of Jewelry. If the average Joe & Jane have not had to Hock the stuff to buy food.

The Egyptians were spending 40% of their income on Food and Americans now spend 13% and its going up. All the Commodities are being bought up by the big Banks and prices for these "Tangible" assets are going nowhere but up.

Time for you my fellow Human Beings to wake up and start doing something to protect yourself while there is just a little time left. I believe 2011 will be your last year for a last chance to take action.

When Hitler came to power 450,000 Jews left Germany about 4 million could not believe that absurdity's like Death Camps and Property Confiscation under the Jackboot. It was not within the average persons capacity to absorb the reality or project from the current reality.

Saddest of all the Elites have always had one Ethic they have stuck with; they always tell the people what their intentions are, they write it down they shout it out. Mien Kaumpf Hitlers little novel, he could never be accused of not telling the World what his intentions were.

If you live in a country that has high debts, unemployment, government that looks after the elites, your next, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Brittan ....Buy some food, buy some Silver  / Gold and a Water Filter. Get a start, hunger is something you probably have never experienced, it is the most powerful Political Force. Hunger will literally bring people to their knees and in the past thousands of years it has brought down empires and installed Emperors who promise respite and deliver only to those who carry a Sword in their name.

Army's will always be fed first.


  1. ---Quote---
    31 January 2011 –
    Urgent steps needed to curb rising food and other commodity prices, UN warns (http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=37426&Cr=UNCTAD&Cr1=)

    Senior United Nations officials today called for urgent steps to rein in the rising prices for basic farm produce, petroleum and raw industrial materials whose volatility hits the world’s poorest people the hardest.

    “Such volatility has huge negative impacts on vulnerable groups, such as low-income households in developing countries, for whom food expenditure can account for up to 80 per cent of household budgets,” UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Secretary-General Supachai Panitchpakdi told his agency’s second Global Commodities Forum in Geneva....
    ---End Quote---

  2. Global Food-Price Index Hits Record

    China has raised interest rates twice in recent months to combat inflation. Euro-zone inflation jumped past the bloc's target rate for the first time in more than two years, data released this week showed, and economists said the rise was likely due to higher food and energy prices.

    UN body warns of 'food price shock'

    The world faces a "food price shock", the Food and Agricultural Organisation has warned after its benchmark index of agricultural commodities prices shot up to a nominal record last month, surpassing the levels of the 2007-08 food crisis.

    The warning from the UN body comes as inflation is becoming an increasing economic and political challenge in developing countries, including China and India, and is starting to emerge as a potential problem even in developed countries, including the UK and the eurozone.