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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Watch Greece For Results & Our Future

I spent near a decade in the deep south of Texas, it was hot and the Texans are great people. The time encompassed the Reagan years and I remember his speech to the nation on America becoming a “Service” economy. The concept smelled a little then I thought ; Service? Like are we not going to make anything anymore, just convert to this abstract of Information Tech and Banking.

Reagan campaigned on reducing the Deficit and keeping America strong, close the window of vulnerability (Code for more arms and his Star Wars). Down in Texas we were recovering from the Oil prices being so low and people were coming from the North to find work. One end was working the North was in recession.

By the time I was getting ready to leave the Housing and jobs situation were the only things going down. For Sales everywhere. The Savings & Loan crisis cost billions and Reagan had bankrupted the USSR and set America on the same path.

Returning to Australia I was very positive about Americans and the ethic that you could make it if you wanted to, however if you really messed up it was not a good place to be broke. Seems now Americans have no where to go , a great country and good people had been over decades of Financial tricks been conned into a rigged game, the turns of Recession & Boom had the same result, more of everything went to fewer people.

Some 10% of the population owns 90% of the country, that in turn has been put in a sovereign Mortgage to China and the international Corporations. 911 and the Patriot Act had turned the USA into a Prison / Military Corporate State. Some very smart people had managed a similar result in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Seems that the ‘Tinfoil Hats’ were not so crazy after all. (I was one of them) I saw conspiracys in a lot of things and it turned out there were. The Gangsters and the Shadow Governments had been behind the scenes all along contriving to bring the World to where it is today. Amazingly a large proportion of people still don’t want to believe it, 911 was a bunch of Arab Terrorists, Technology that might produce cars that could last 30 years and get 100 miles to a gallon of Gas (Or maby water) had been suppressed.

Underground bases, Trillions disappearing into Black operations / Projects that even Presidents could not be privy to. The aim being the establishment of a New World Order or Global Government. This we have to a certain extent, the last few acts have yet to be accomplished. How many good people will die , how many soldiers sent to un_ winnable wars. Wars started under false flag operations, lies about weapons of Mass Destruction and fighting Terror at the cost of real Terror at home. The terror of being enslaved, Sefdom in a Facist Spy State of Orwellian Nightmare Proportions.

Interesting as 20 million Pakistani’s face starvation and disease, we have our media focused on the days trades at Wall street, who or where the next Sovereign State to collapse?

Back step to the Greek crisis, and have a look at Greece today, unemployment rising rapidly, business grinding to a halt, state revenues decline with the Tax base. The Austerity measures are taking there toll. As more countries adopt them the result will be the same. It’s a no win situation, the Austerity needed to pay the loans destroys the capacity of the Nation to pay them. A catch 22. Even Greek Islands are up for sale, a nice place for the Globalists to retreat when the mobs are running rampant in the cities of the Western World.

The scenario is already being played out now and when the final card falls it will be a chain reaction. I have no idea why anyone in there right mind would buy a US Treasury Bond or even a UK one. These countries are Bankrupt, triple D rated Junk Bonds returning .0x%. The Fed is buying a lot of them now as the Chinese slide the mat out from beneath, see how far they can pull before everyone heads for the door and the money owed is worthless.

The only questions left are timing, it won’t do the average Analyst any good to study charts or Hindenburg Omens , none of these technical indicators matter. Reason: The game is rigged, the “Great Game” as it was once called where Banks and Black agency’s started wars and profited from both sides, WW1 & WW2 were both being serviced by Industrialists from both sides, until the designated winner was allowed to finish the other off and the loser turned to rubble. More opportunity for the financial s to make money rebuilding the world they had smashed.

So here at 2010 we wonder, double Dip? Only in ice cream I am afraid, the recovery never started, the Green Shoots were just Mold. Personally I am hoping we are given a little more time by our new masters before the great crash of 201? My less optimistic thinking is late November 2010 My more exuberant side is looking at 2012 maybe even a bit further. Thing is; the Gangsters are not completely unified themselves and being prone to greed and a lust for power one element is probably going to be tempted to speed the timetable for their own gain.

Hence sooner rather than later. I won’t bore you further, no one reads this Blog anyway so my one suggestion is watch Greece, there you have the future unfolding. When its apparent the Greek people are ready to go Banana’s and buckle under the weight of ‘Austerity’ (Orwellian for Poverty) the Globalists will have to do something. Order will be restored. A New World Order.

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