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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Philosophers Stone, Turning Paper into Gold & Power.

The New Philosophers Stone, Turning Paper into Gold & Power.

Some of the big players have been ‘Shorting’ the Gold & Silver markets for possibly 40 years, keeping the price low and in the minds of many, converting these metals from a store of wealth, to a, ”Barbarous Relic”.

1971 Nixon removed the USA from the Gold standard and from that point on; the American economy has run on a debt fueled cycle of booms and busts. Each cycle allowing the privileged insiders (Central Banks, Corporate Banks etc) to clean the plate of the average Joe’s Buy & Hold’ Pension account or their attempts to make money from the markets not knowing the game has been rigged from the start.

Each bust followed by more debt to blow another bubble. None of this would have been able to occur if Governments had been kept to the Gold standard, hence the first motive for the Manipulation of the 2 metals we (the few) associate with real Money. Fiat money has allowed the USA to be the worst offender, being the Global base currency.

The US Dollar has had the most to loose from a free Gold & Silver market. Hence in the past decade the need to maintain the massive short positions companies like JP Morgan have utilized to stomp down the Metals natural, market propensity to appreciate as paper currency depreciated.

Enter the GFC, we saw new Orwelian exercises in supporting Bankrupt Institutions, “Quantative Easing” “Economic Stimulus Spending”. Euphemisms for printing Money in amounts inconceivable 30 years ago. We have yet to see the ultimate effect. Institutions were bailed out, corporations put a Gun to the Congressional head. Marshal Law, Global Collapse of Banking. Congress, The EU & United Kingdom took Private Debt and gave it to the Taxpayers futures.

The Shadow Banks and Shadow Power Elites have never considered Gold or even Silver to be a “Barbarous Relic”, just a nuisance that had to be controlled. As the next round of QE enters the Veins of the US economy, a brief respite will be bought before the same fundamental problems surface and the result of the Trillions of created Dollars turns the thinking investors mind to the probability that America and several other nations are in so much debt it can never be repaid.

When the first person / nation decides to dump these worthless bits of paper before everybody else gets the same idea; the rush will have started, the Currency Crisis of 201? Will have begun. All that will have real value will be tangible assets, Soybeans, Coffee, Oil, Gold and Silver. To enable any form of trade to proceed the seller will want security.

Until the world comes up with that , a new currency backed by tangible goods; global trade will stop. Enter a new era call it Hyper Inflation, or Debt Deflation, the defining characteristic of this time will be the end of Fiat Money. The worlds Banking System implodes.

For a time No one will know the value of anything except, that one primary universally recognized substance; Gold & to a greater degree Silver as it will be in very short supply as it will be one of the first Metals to become ‘extinct’. There is little above ground and less, year by year below it.

Rich & Powerful people like to remain Rich & Powerful; their assets will not be stored in vaults full of worthless currencies. The Shadow Bankers and the ‘Power Elite’ call them what you like. They will be the first to know when the Sh*t is going to hit the Fan. In probability they will probably push the first Domino, nobody likes to be caught by surprise. Hence the best way to predict a coming ‘Trend’ (Disaster) is to precipitate it yourself.

2012 is the popular next “Date of Consequence”, the Mayan Calendar and all the predictions that go with it. If there is truth to it or not , the fact remains millions of people expect ‘something’ to happen and I believe the real World Government will not disappoint. People will be very susceptible to something that appears to be real change, hope for a better future.

Obama followed Bush, Bush we put the madness down to a weak & double digit IQ. Obama kicked the people in the Gut, nothing worse than having your dreams smashed in front of you. At least Bush didn’t inspire expectation, Obama and the “Yes We Can” will be remembered as the shyster of hope. Like Hitler; an Orator, a man of the time a new JFK. Instead he surrounded himself with the Banksters and Corporate Mob. The way to destroy hope is to take it to a new high; then push it off a cliff.

There is not enough Gold and especially Silver to serve the needs of the 1% of 1% that now own almost everything without a Chinese Stamp on it. Every major Western Government is now a Corporate Fascist State, ID Cards, CCD cameras and Microphones, a Trillion Dollar Spy system that sifts through every call, E Mail or Tweet. While we were not watching freedom was gradually, quietly, brilliantly obliterated. Go to your next Election and who will it be ? Blue or Red ? Liberal or Labor ? Tell me the difference please.

This essay is about the Gold & Silver side of the run for security that is coming soon, The Short positions will be slowly unwound, and those that aren’t will probably be owned (passed along) to a convenient corporation that will simply bankrupt its self. In the meantime the insiders will have been buying Gold & Silver over the past years; stockpiling it, Gordon Brown helped the cause selling Kilotons of Britons Gold, then we had 911, all the Gold stored under building 4, were did it go? All the Unallocated ETF’s how much is there? Where is it whilst It Vaulted? It has been conveniently undervalued, for the decades this agenda has played out. These people are not fools; they know Gold & Silver, Platinum & Rhodium, Palladium and Uranium are convenient stores of wealth. Essential to whoever takes the controls of a Global Economy hitting the skids. Whoever puts out the first Gold / PM Backed currency will rule the world.

We the people have had 40 years of essentially no real growth in assets, 1 person could support a family, once upon a time. Now two people can barley keep their heads above water and 20 Million Americans are not.

The time we have left is shorter than any one thinks, remember it’s the first to leave the room that wins the game while others get trampled. The Powers That Be (TPTB) cannot afford to be caught ‘short’ as time goes on they will get very nervous and somebody might try a grab for the prize.

Here is where the part of the agenda to accumulate vast amounts of Bullion at bargain prices can work for you, buy now while few are talking about it, Silver is almost unknown as a commodity to the average investor. One rule is to TAKE PHYSICAL DELIVERY. The Gold and Silver ETF’s, these funds (If you read the fine print) do not promise real Bullion delivery should you hold ”Unallocated” accounts, you as a holder of a piece of paper; will collect in exchange another piece of paper. Paid to you during the up turn of Hyperinflation, the cash will be essentially worthless.

The ETF is brilliant in its criminal simplicity; you provide the cash whilst they use your money to purchase Bullion and the using a Fractional Reserve leverage it to 12, 50, 100:1 ratios. Imagine 50 people all thinking they own 100 ounces of the same Bullion Bar. Even if you have an allocated account with some of these ETF’s you may never see the Gold, terrible things happen in crisis situations, the Sub Holder of the Sub Holder of the Vaulting company happens to be a crook and cannot be located and neither can your Bullion.

Its all in the fine print, you will be paid but it will be in American Dollars and I suggest by the time you wake up to the nature of the Fraud being perpetrated; all you will have to show for it is a handful of $10,000,000 Dollar notes to buy lunch at Mac Donald’s after you finish your shift making Fries.

The above is not Investment advice, I am not an Economist, it is an essay exploring ideas. No liability taken if you act upon material printed above.

A Quote from the Daily Reckoning…………..

“Just remember that ETFs are ultimately, like a complicated mortgage derivative, subject to counter-party risk. If the day comes when trust evaporates from the system, value will evaporate from the ETFs. If you want to play gold’s short-term ups and downs, the ETFs are an ideal instrument. Otherwise, stay away.”

Addison Wiggin
for The Daily Reckoning

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