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Thursday, June 24, 2010

BIGPISA Britain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, America.

BIGPISA Britain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, America. A few more could be added. Australia is one of them, we have 4 major Banks up to 60% invested in Real Estate, 40% of that being financed from abroad.

I enjoy hearing Gerald Celente’s & others. ‘Reality Shots’ on FSN,Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava some people are absorbing and reacting, though not enough to reverse the inertia the Powers That want to Think For Us have set in motion.

Its now almost 10 years since I watched the WTC crumble into a neat hole, we still don’t know who put the Shorts on the Airlines, and about 500 other unanswered questions. The people might be angry, yet they are also in Denial. A deeply held addiction to keeping this Blind Faith in Government. AE911Truth.org

I know all about Addiction & Denial, its power overcomes the Will, even when standing in the rubble of their lives only about 5% ever escape. Hence the possibility of a Third Party / Popular Movement that can succeed against ‘The Syndicate’ is a very low order of chance.

Both in Europe and USA the rights enshrined in concepts of Freedom, Free Markets, Speech have already been quietly removed. Democratic / Republican
/Liberal / Labor makes no difference. The Patriot Act… how they must have laughed when that one went through. It matters not to the Legislators, they all think they have a Golden Ticket, when the inevitable System Failure, Blue Screen of Death pops up the Syndicate will let them stand to fulfill their last function in Government.

Their role as the front men getting punished , Pilloried on CNN etc. While the ‘White Shoe Boys’ as Celente calls them head out for their prearranged safe spots. (Probably Underground ).

The boys won’t wait for a ‘Black Swan’ to crash it all, its always better to be in control, the next event will be a Lehman Bros collapse of Sovereign level, either the UK or Japan. America will have its Guns out, if we can’t print a Quadrillion Dollars ..F U.. try to get it out of us. Bye the Bye we have a War to expand and a Nation under Martial Law.

China and the other players left holding Trillions in worthless paper will be worrying about keeping their 1.5 Billion people from getting out of hand.

The aim since WW1 has been Global control, not of Government but of money, our paper money will be replaced over a long Bank Holiday, the fear stricken, hungry brainwashed masses will praise these new false Money Messiahs. They saved the World. The Internet has been the primary reason they have so far failed. We are dealing with Fascists,

I hear voices calling for Censorship of the Internet. One where we don't even know who's on the list. Why? To protect the Children. This is not confined to Australia. The Net is the last Bastion against those who are determined to destroy the Worlds Currency, that and Gold Buyers.

Its always been the same old story, the ‘plot’ started 400 years ago, the methods are thousands of years old. Finance both sides then come in with Carpet Baggers.

I know people, I have seen how easy it is to Shepard them. I started buying Silver & Gold at the start of 09. I have bought some Bullion mostly but now thinking in Coins, the markup sucks but I figure an ounce of Silver in a negotiable quantity / clearly real Silver is possibly best now. A 1 oz Silver Coin under $30 AU is still cheap, buying Silver is a Long Game.

When the final Act of the ‘Program’ plays out the Paper Money of Europe, UK, USA & Australia will be worthless, Regardless of a Housing Crash sooner or later. I bet early 2012 for that, the Big Players will take their winnings of the table first. The US$ is doomed, that is almost Logically undeniable, if it goes, so do the other or Visa Versa.

I believe in times to come; 10 or 15 or even 20 years away. Silver will be as valuable as Gold, disruption of the Global System will trash exploration and the mania for real assets will have people looking to preserve their wealth, who gives a sh*t about investing in rigged games, wealthy people and average awake individuals will also come to the conclusion that the greatest Financial challenge in the 2010’s will be preserving what is yours and being able to pay for what you need in a real money.

95% of Investors are not in that mind set yet, many will be to late. We will know the winds of disaster are blowing by the flight to Gold Silver Platinum and eventually Palladium. ) + Other REO;s. Low volume on stagnant Exchanges, a slow awakening by the Western World that the Recession is not over, the Depression just beginning. And an inkling in the minds of some that they have lived through the greatest Con Job ever pulled over the perception of Humanity and what was really going on behind their back as they waved their 2 Party Flags.

Good Luck to All. Nothing is how it seems, you think Economics is the only branch of Science & History that needs Debunking? Do you understand how a Skyscraper can collapse at close to Terminal Velocity?

Regards David > Melbourne > previous resident of Texas USA

One last PS: 'They' are not fools, its about Power not Money, they still have a Card up the sleeve, that's best left for another day.

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