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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alex Jones Has it Wrong, in a big way…………………

Alex Jones Has it Wrong, in a big way…………………

I just left Pay Pal where I cancelled my subscription to Prison Planet, it was meant as a donation as I have 56K Modem and cannot use the service. I have listened to and found his show to be entertaining and generally informative. However….I if I am going to give  any of my short lived funds to someone I need to believe they are on the right track and after a year I now firmly believe that Alex is defiantly on the wrong one.

Alex is sincere and perhaps that makes him all the more dangerous to the dissemination of the Truth. You cannot have a show called “Infowars” and then consistently banish a specific area of the Elite Agenda. The agenda of MJ12.

Call it what you will but Alex flippantly dismisses anyone bring up the subject, he will talk about FEMA Camps, False Flags, Inoculations / ‘Soft Kill” anything goes you might believe except the little matter of the Extraterrestrial contact that has existed between the Shadow Government and its Military for 50 years.

Alex talks of advanced technology yet refuses the preponderance of evidence that tells anyone willing to look that the ‘UFO’ problem is very real. The Disclosure Project has presented more than enough evidence to pass ‘Beyond any reasonable Doubt’.

So we have  a program gathering millions of people in its wake, Alex can now set the News cycle, Drudge Report and others linking to his articles.

What happens when you try to bake a Cake and someone has removed a critical part of the Recipe? How can you really know what the F ^%$ is really happening when the most important fact is omitted. Alex has nothing to fear from the PTB as he is their unwitting servant.

While we watch the play out of events in the public eye and the dribble of otherwise suppressed material we are not watching the MAGICIANS OTHER HAND.

Another element is FEAR, Alex produces it like a Bean Factory, apart from the 90 Minutes of End Times Advertising and flogging products that cost a fortune and may or may not work, call 1800 Super Deal.

Many times I am listening to a speaker and Alex just cannot Shut the F up  and let them talk. Dr Steve Putchinic had a different opinion re the Norway Killing. I see no write up of his points?

These are just gripes, I could forgive all and endure the advertising but if a little thing like our relationship with Extraterrestrials and the use of the technology is ignored and worse discouraged its time to think twice about where you spend your limited time trying to understand the full picture.

You sure as hell will not get it from Alex Jones, he has tossed the UFO research community into the Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theorist. Wipes a critical and some of the most important events that have happened to Modern Humanity to his corner Dustbin.

Alex is not down the Rabbit Hole, he is looking in from the top, with dirt in one eye. Meanwhile the men in the deepest shadows are toasting him from whatever Bar they have down in the Underground or high in Space.

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